Schoolcraft Wireless

Wireless Locations

Wireless service is currently available in all buildings. This includes Radcliff, Academy Training Center, and Fire Training Center.

How to Participate


Registered students will receive their login ID and password via Admission letter.  This ID and password is used for:

  • Schoolcraft College Student Email
  • Schoolcraft Wireless
  • The Blackboard Learning Management System (if being used for the class)

All the above systems share the same login account. Changing your password for any one of them will change it for all of them.


Guests visiting Schoolcraft College can speak to the Department they are visiting to receive a temporary wireless ID and password to use while on campus.

How to Connect

  1. Make sure the wireless adapter on the device is turned on.

  2. Under the available wireless networks, should see sc-connect listed. Click on sc-connect and then on the “Connect” button, once the box is expanded. It will take a few moments to connect to the network. *Note* - you may see the “connection is limited” on Windows devices. This is normal because the ID and password have not been typed in yet. On Apple devices, if it shows “connected” you still may not have Internet access until you login. See next step.

  3. Open a web browser on the device. By default once the web browser opens, the web page should automatically be redirected to the wireless login page. If the web page doesn’t automatically redirect, manually type in the following address in the address bar: https:/    
    *Note* - you may receive a certificate warning.  Click “OK” or “Continue” button.

  4. Enter your login ID and password in the appropriate fields and click OK.

You will have Internet access only using your wireless account. Access to the internal Schoolcraft network is not available. If you need to print a document, you can do so using a computer at the open computer lab in MC010, or from one of the public terminals in the library.

For any questions regarding the Schoolcraft College wireless, please contact the Answer Center at 734-462-4426

*Information Technology provides limited technical support for connecting personal devices to Schoolcraft’s wireless network.

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