International Institute

Mission Statement

The mission of the Schoolcraft College International Institute is to coordinate cross-cultural learning opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the community.

The Institute strives to enhance the international content of coursework, programs, and other College activities so participants better appreciate both the diversities and commonalities among world cultures, and better understand the global forces shaping people's lives.

Background and History

Students and other learners in the 21st century need to understand the global forces shaping their lives and the lives of people worldwide. They need to be exposed to a variety of cultures, and to understand how key issues and endeavors are affected by the interdependence of all peoples and nations. Schoolcraft College considers such global literacy to be an integral part of everyone's education.

This broad need is addressed by the Schoolcraft College International Institute (SCII). Created in 1994 and funded by the College, SCII is a coalition of interested faculty from many disciplines — along with supporters from among the students, staff, and community — all working together to help deepen the international perspective of Schoolcraft curricula and programming.

To date, SCII has focused on:

  • promoting cross-cultural learning activities both on- and off-campus
  • internationalizing relevant courses
  • offering a Global Endorsement for students which features 85 international courses distributed across 22 disciplines
  • facilitating relevant faculty professional development opportunities

Josselyn Moore, Helen Ditouras, & Kimberly Lark

International Agenda Editor
Randy Schwartz

Focus Series Coordinator
Helen Ditouras

GlobalEYEzers Coordinators
Sandy Roney-Hays & Anna Maheshwari

Global Roundtables
​Deborah Taracuk & Deb Daiek

Josselyn Moore
Liberal Arts, LA523
P: (734) 462-​7182

Helen Ditouras
Liberal Arts, LA475
P: (734) 462-​7263

Kimberly Lark
P. (734) 462-7192

F: (734) 462-4558

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