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You need a specific set of skills to succeed in a college class. Learning support courses teach those skills, giving students the tools they need to succeed at the next level. Learning support courses are one way that Schoolcraft opens the door to a college education. First we assess your readiness for college-level work. Then we use that assessment to direct you to the courses that are most likely to improve your ability to succeed. In some cases this means directing the student to a Learning Support course. In other cases it means directing students to a Foundation course.

Either way, the focus is on meeting you where you are and helping you take that next step toward where you want to be. All courses are not offered each semester. Please work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for you.

College and Beyond (CAB)

A CAB course is required for most new students.

  • Teaches students college terminology and keys to success in the college classroom.
  • Helps students discover their personal learning style.
  • Teaches techniques for time management, effective studying, and critical thinking.
  • CAB courses award college credit.

Collegiate Skills (COLLS)

These courses help students develop college-level reading, vocabulary, and learning skills.

  • Critical reading, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and learning techniques are emphasized.
  • Offerings include an English as a Second Language course.
  • Electronic portfolio course enables students to create a digital portfolio that captures their skills and knowledge.
  • The applied learning theory for nursing majors course prepares nursing students for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam.
  • COLLS courses with a course number under 100 do not award college credit; COLLS courses numbered 100 and higher do award college credit.

COLLS Course Schedule

Human Development Services (HDS)

The HDS 110 course focuses on career decision making.

  • Students use self-assessment instruments to explore their interests and occupational choices.
  • Students gain personal awareness, career awareness and information on how to create a career plan.
  • This course awards college credit.

HDS Course Schedule

Learning Resources (LR)

The LR 135 course focuses on digital literacy.

  • Students learn how to locate and critically evaluate digital information necessary for the completion of academic assignments.
  • This course awards college credit.

LR Course Schedule

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