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About Tutoring at the Radcliff LAC

Tutors strive to create a positive learning environment that will allow students to gain knowledge, build confidence, and learn to be independent learners. This is accomplished through the interaction of CRLA certified peer tutors and volunteers. Our trained tutors interact with faculty, staff and students to ensure that the learning needs of Schoolcraft students are met.

About Testing at the Radcliff LAC

Make up Testing is provided to all Schoolcraft students at the Radcliff Campus in the RC LAC, Room 120. Students wishing to make up a test should get approval from their instructor and make arrangements to take it in our office. Photo identification and Schoolcraft student number is required for all testing. Those with student accommodations may need to make prior arrangements with the RC LAC testing staff (i.e. those needing readers, writers, etc.)

Radcliff LAC Tutoring Mission

The RC LAC mission is to provide help to students to achieve academic success in all of their educational goals. As part of Learning Support Services, the RC LAC is committed to helping underprepared students prepare, prepared students advance and advanced students excel.


Monday - Tuesday  9am-1pm, 4pm-8pm 
Wednesday - Thursday 9am-8pm 
Saturday  10am-2pm 

Meet Our Tutors

Jennifer Woodrum Joslyn Kane Anthony Cerroni
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Learning Assistance Center
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