Language Fellows

Writing Fellows

Language Fellows
McDowell Center 
18600 Haggerty Road 
Livonia, MI 48152

What We Do

  • Assist ESL students with reading and writing strategies
  • ƒPeer review writing assignments
  • ƒTutor in grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation
  • Host discussion groups to reinforce English conversation skills
  • ƒClassroom peer review
  • Provide workshops to support ESL curriculum

For scheduling classroom visits, faculty should contact Niran Kheder.

Hours of Service

To be determined. Check back soon.

Who We Are

Breanne Radke

Brianne Radke thrives on inspiration and the want to experience a little bit of everything. Her three younger sisters think it is quite funny to call her “Mother Earth” because of her passions for organic gardening, natural healing, and canning. However, they never turn down the beautiful vegetables, the massages, or the sparkling jams that she offers. Brianne loves taking in live music and art, and has special affinities for reggae, bhangra, and ethnographic art. Reading and grammar have been her loves since childhood, and she fondly recalls diagramming sentences for fun in elementary school. Writing is another passion, for which she has been honored with a number of awards and scholarships.

She rocked nearly every hat that the food and beverage industry has to offer from preparing food, waiting tables, and tending bar to visual merchandising, gift basket production, and event planning. Her eclectic background is also dappled with stints in floral design, administrative assistance, and artist management. Additionally, Brianne is a certified massage therapist. She hails from Milwaukee, WI, and does, in fact, love cheese.

Now Brianne channels her enthusiasm for working with people, specifically in the form of service, into a more rewarding career with a more lasting footprint. Previously at Schoolcraft, Brianne was the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Schoolcraft Connection, the Writing Fellows Lead, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. She currently instructs an afterschool ELA program for students at Garden City Middle School and serves as a Language Fellow at the College. She is pursuing a BS in Language, Literature, and Writing with a minor in Psychology at Eastern Michigan University. Upon her graduation in December of 2014, she will begin graduate school with the ultimate goal of securing a faculty position at the college level. She genuinely loves learning and is thrilled to spend a lifetime immersed in education.

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