Request a late drop, withdrawal (“W” grade) or retake credit

​For Students

Students sometimes have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from dropping their course before the deadline published in the ​Important Dates for the appropriate semester. If you missed the refund or withdrawal deadline for your classes, you may be eligible to appeal for a late drop, withdrawal (W) grade or retake credit.  

In order to qualify, ​you must meet one of these extenuating circumstances:

  • Lengthy student illness or hospitalization
  • Mandatory schedule change at work
  • Death of immediate family member
  • Military deployment

When completing this request, you must: 

  • Specify what type of resolution you hope to receive. Learn more about the types of resolutions. If you receive financial aid, keep in mind that some resolutions may not be available to you. For example, students receiving Pell grants are not eligible for retake credits.
  • Provide documentation that supports the request.  For example:  a letter from your doctor, or a copy of an obituary or death certificate​.
  • If you are receiving a loan, grant, or scholarship) check with Financial Aid to make sure you understand what will happen to your aid as a result of your request. If you receive a late drop or withdrawal ("W") grade, it may impact ​your ability to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards or may result in you owing money back to the college.
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