Honors Curriculum

The Schoolcraft Scholars honors program is a two-year curriculum that can be adapted to individual career and transfer programs.

In the first semester, all Scholars enroll in Humanities 190, “Individual Humanism: An Honors Colloquium.” This foundation course studies the individual and community through multiple disciplines. It also introduces students to community organizations through which they may begin their service-learning explorations.

Over the next three semesters, Scholars also enroll in four courses with Honors Faculty. In these regular credit courses, Scholars work individually with Honors Faculty to design and complete Honors Options projects. Honors Options are natural learning extensions of the usual requirements for a course. They challenge students to use course principles in real-world applications, lead peers in learning activities, conduct special field research, identify and report on special resources, or create a new learning model.

In the final semester of the program, Scholars enroll in Sociology 290, “The Individual and Community: An Honors Capstone Course.” In this concluding course of the honors program, Scholars study individual, social structural, and social institutional relationships through multiple disciplines. During the course, students also complete a special twenty-five hour service learning project and synthesize its results.

Honors Program Introduction

Honors Option Project

Honors Option projects are natural learning extensions of usual course requirements. These projects challenge students to apply course principles in the real-world, lead peers in learning activities, conduct field research, identify and report on special resources, construct a prototype, create a work of art or enact change.

Honors Program Capstone

Schoolcraft Scholars Honors Program
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