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Photo of culinary arts students working in the kitchen

Catalog 2017-18

Culinary Arts AAS Degree


Schoolcraft program code # AAS.00087

The culinary arts associate degree program provides the skills necessary to enter food service occupations at advanced levels. The technical portion of the curriculum prepares students in quality food preparation, advanced food preparation, cost control, portion control, quantity baking, quantity pastry, advanced pastry, meat cutting, garde manger, dining room operation and classical cooking techniques. Food purchasing and storage functions, menu formulation, terminology, and decorative culinary skills are also covered.

This program contains some courses restricted to students officially admitted to this program. Additionally, CUL 102 Culinary Sanitation or proof of current ServSafe certification as well as CUL 103 Introduction to Professional Cooking Skills and Techniques are pre-program requirements. The
college requirements portion of the curriculum is vital to students’ development.

All courses are not offered each semester. Students should work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students who satisfactorily complete all college and program requirements qualify for an associate in applied science degree.

Download the Curriculum Guide (PDF)

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