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Catalog 2017-18

Computer Information Systems

If you are interested in learning the basics of software applications and programming, enhancing your skills by learning the latest in technology and network integration or preparing for a career as a support technician, entry-level programmer or web specialist, Schoolcraft’s CIS program has what you need to succeed in the growing world of information technology. We offer three associate of applied science degrees and six certificates to match our students’ needs and interests. The educational options include:

Introductory Certificate: This certificate program introduces students to the operating system, concepts of programming logic, programming language and software applications. During or after the first year of this certificate program, students may choose to earn one of the computer information system associate degrees, providing all degree requirements are fulfilled.

Cisco Networking Academy Skills Certificate:  This certificate program is designed to provide students with an understanding of network fundamentals, proficiency working with network equipment such as routers and switches, and the latest LAN and WAN technologies in preparation to achieve the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification.

Networking Technology Integration Certificate: The certificate curriculum provides students with in-depth understanding of the theory, hardware and software of computer networking and is applicable for both those who are new to the field or have networking experience.

Computer Support Technician AAS Degree: This degree program prepares students for entry-level positions supporting users of microcomputer components of the operating system. Technicians assist users by recommending hardware and software, interpreting manuals, organizing storage, networking workstations and creating systems solutions using the microcomputer.

Programming Skills Certificate: This certificate program is designed to introduce students to the top computer programming languages used in software development and web applications. Students will also learn how to use the Microsoft.NET framework, which is the common environment for building, deploying and running web services and applications in Windows. In addition, the new Visual Studio.NET will be used, a common development environment for the new .NET framework.

Programming AAS Degree: This degree offers students a schedule of core computer courses and electives to prepare them for a position as an entry- level programmer. Students will learn how a computer programmer analyzes problems and writes step-by-step instructions to enable a computer system to process data efficiently.

Web Specialist Certificate: With the technology of the Internet constantly evolving in terms of infrastructure and website development, his certificate program provides an overview of technical programming and graphic design for web page development needed to stay abreast of these techno- logical advances. Areas of study include programming logic, design concepts and technology and web design and development. Students will also learn about the latest in web technology and design programs, such as Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop and JavaScript.

Web Specialist AAS Degree: Virtually every company and organization has a website on the Internet these days, and this degree program prepares students to be able to design web pages and program for the web in the constantly evolving world of website technology. It pro-vides working knowledge in key areas that are vital to becoming an Internet professional, including various programming languages, multimedia technologies, graphic development and web design tools.

Post-Associate Certificate: Designed for working professionals who have earned an associate degree in applied science and have experience and/ or training in the computer field, it provides insight into the latest computer technology and will enhance their ability to meet the needs of the fast-changing computer information systems environment.

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