There is a Certificate for You

Today’s prospective students select their higher education institutions based on the choices available to them. Schoolcraft’s academic programs are designed to be diverse with more than 50 areas of study from which to choose. Not every path is the same, even within the same major, and we have a variety of paths you can follow.

Skills Certificate

The skills certificate program was developed for the student who wants to take five or six courses (approximately 16- 19 credit hours.) If you have a short window of opportunity to take higher education courses, this program may be ideal as you’ll earn your skills certificate in as little as one semester and be ready to take those skills into the workforce.


With 10 - 12 courses, students earning between 27 and 48 credit hours can receive a certificate. A certificate can be earned in two semesters if you are able to attend Schoolcraft on a full time basis. For a significant number of jobs, a certificate will give you the skills needed to enter the workforce. If you intend to earn an associate degree, this route is ideal as these credits can be applied to that degree.

Post-associate certificates

After earning an associate degree from Schoolcraft or any other accredited institution, you can enroll in post-associate certificate programs. The program will teach you advanced job skills and averages around 16 credit hours, which can be taken in an average of around five or six courses. If you are a full-time student, you can complete a post-associate certificate in one semester.

Non-Credit Options

It is also worth noting that Schoolcraft offers Continuing Education and Professional Development courses in a wide range of subject areas. These courses tend to be shorter in duration. They do not grant college credit but many of them grant Continuing Education Units, also known as CEUs.

  • CEPD offers non-credit certificates and career/professional training
  • No application to the college is necessary
  • Non-credit options include pharmacy technician, personal fitness trainer, dementia care, event planning and project management

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