Course Schedules

*For Broadcast Communications, Cosmetology Management and Plastic Technology, review the Curriculum Guides for the courses needed for those programs. The courses needed (and schedules) are listed in other majors, such as Plastic Technology Skill Certificate, which requires courses in Manufacturing Technology, Math and Quality Management.

 Major Winter Schedule 
 Accounting view schedule
 Accounting for Small Business view schedule
 Allied Health Education view schedule
 Anthropology view schedule
 Art and Design view schedule
 Biology view schedule
 Biomedical Engineering Technology view schedule
 Brewing and Distillation Technology view schedule
 Broadcast Communications *  
 Business view schedule
 Business Administration view schedule
 Business Information Technology view schedule
 Business: Marketing and Applied Management view schedule
 Business: Small Business for Entrepreneurs view schedule
 Chemistry view schedule
 College and Beyond view schedule
 Collegiate Skills view schedule
 Communication Arts view schedule
 Computer Aided Design view schedule
 Computer Aided Drafting: Technical view schedule
 Computer Graphics Technology view schedule
 Computer Information Systems view schedule
 Computer Service Technician view schedule
 Correctional Science view schedule
 Cosmetology Management *  
 Criminal Justice view schedule
 Criminal Justice with Academy view schedule
 Culinary Arts view schedule
 Culinary Baking and Pastry Arts view schedule
 Culinary Management view schedule
 Design view schedule
 Economics view schedule
 Education view schedule
 Education-Early Childhood Education (previously Child Care and Development) view schedule
 Education-Special Education (previously Child Care and Development) view schedule
 Electronic Technology view schedule
 Emergency Medical Technology view schedule
 Emergency Medical Technology: Paramedic view schedule
 Engineering view schedule
 English view schedule
 English as a Second Language view schedule
 Environmental Studies view schedule
 Finance view schedule
 Fire Technology view schedule
 Fire Technology with Academy view schedule
 Foreign Languages  view schedule(Arabic)
 view schedule(Chinese)
 view schedule(French)
 view schedule(German)
 view schedule(Italian)
 view schedule(Spanish)
 Geography view schedule
 Geology view schedule
 Health Information Technology view schedule
 Health Information Technology: Coding Specialist view schedule
 History view schedule
 Homeland Security view schedule
 Human Development Services view schedule
 Humanities view schedule
 Learning Resources view schedule
 Manufacturing: Advanced Manufacturing view schedule
 Massage Therapy view schedule
 Mathematics view schedule
 Medical Assisting view schedule
 Medical Assisting: Medical Biller/Receptionist view schedule
 Medical Assisting: Phlebotomy view schedule
 Medical Assisting: Physician Office Medical Transcription view schedule
 Medical Transcription view schedule
 Metallurgy and Materials Science view schedule
 Music view schedule
 Music: Piano Teacher view schedule
 Nursing view schedule
 Nursing Assistant Training Program view schedule
 Nutrition and Food Science view schedule
 Occupational Safety and Health view schedule
 Office Information Systems view schedule
 Pharmacy: Pre-Pharmacy view schedule
 Philosophy view schedule
 Physical Education view schedule
 Physics view schedule
 Plastic Technology view schedule
 Political Science view schedule
 Psychology view schedule
 Quality Management view schedule
 Sociology view schedule
 Sound Recording Technology view schedule
 Theatre view schedule
 Welding: Fabrication view schedule
 Welding: Joining Technology view schedule
 Welding: Sculpture view schedule

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