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Culinary Arts associate degree: This provides the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain advanced-level positions in the restaurant and food-service industries. The curriculum focuses on a variety of food-service aspects, including food preparation, cost and portion control, quantity baking and pastry, butchery and charcuterie fabrication , dining room operations, food purchasing and menu formulation.

Culinary Arts certificate: This option provides the culinary foundation courses that prepare students for immediate entry in the workplace.

Credential Options

Credential Option Gainful Employment
Culinary Arts Certificate View Gainful Employment Info
Culinary Arts AAS Degree Not Applicable

Selective Admissions for Limited/Restricted Enrollment Programs

Students must be officially admitted through an additional selective admissions process for this limited/restricted enrollment program prior to enrolling in core/major courses.
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Student Graduation Rates

Cohort Year Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014
Culinary Arts Associate Degree (AAS.00087)
Graduation Rate (within 3 years, which is 150% time to completion for a 2-year degree)
10% 5% 12%
Base size (fall, first-time, full-time students in culinary) 40 39 26

Note: These percentages do not reflect part-time students, students who previously completed college credits (non-first time) or students who began in the culinary program in a winter semester. Furthermore, some students who began in the culinary associate degree program went on to successfully complete a Schoolcraft credential in another program area (business, liberal arts, etc.).

Job Placement Rates

Data Year 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Culinary Arts Associate Degree (AAS.00087)
Job Placement Rate
87% 97% 84% 94%

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