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Catalog 2019-20


The practice of Pharmacy is focused on ensuring the safe and effective use of medications through a pharmacy team comprised of both Pharmacists and Pharmacy TechniciansPharmacists use their professional judgment as a vital part of the health care team by providing input and expertise into monitoring patient care therapies.   Pharmacy Technicians work under the direct supervision of pharmacists and assist pharmacists in preparing and dispensing oral, topical, intravenous and other prescription medications to patients or other health care professionals.  Educational options include:

  • The Pharmacy Technician Certificate program will prepare students to work as a pharmacy technician in a number of practice settings, including a community, hospital, compounding or specialty pharmacy.  Completion of the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program will prepare students to take the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Board (PTCB), which will be offered through the PTCB as part of this program.  Students who successfully complete this certificate program and pass the PTCB exam are eligible to apply for licensure as a pharmacy technician in the state of Michigan.  Application for licensure will also be included as part of the final course of this program.
  • Schoolcraft’s Associate of Science in Pre-pharmacy degree is comprised of courses that are required for a student to apply to a college of pharmacy; a majority of Pre-pharmacy courses in this degree program are designed to be transferrable to a university pharmacy program.  Students should consult with an academic advisor or counselor to ensure that their Schoolcraft courses will transfer to the desired university pharmacy program.  Pharmacists can find positions in a variety of settings, such as community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and the armed services. They can also find employment in academic, research, pharmaceutical manufacturers and public health organizations.

Credential Options

Credential Option Gainful Employment
Pharmacy Technician Certificate* View Gainful Employment Info
Pre-Pharmacy AS Degree Not Applicable

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