Electronic Technology

Are you known for your troubleshooting talent? Put your skills to work in a career as an electronics repairer or electronics engineering technician. After just two semesters of study here, you can go out in the work world and get a job as an electronics repairer. After four semesters you’ll qualify as an electronics engineering technician, able to work side-by-side with engineers to design and test computers, electronic devices and appliances, and medical and industrial equipment.

  • Our labs will enhance your basic knowledge of microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers, and digital and analog circuits, while lectures will teach you how to take measurements and report your findings in a clear and concise manner.
  • We’ll also introduce you to simulation software that significantly streamlines the design process.
  • The electronics technology certificate is also required to apply for and enter Schoolcraft’s biomedical engineering technology associate degree program.

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  • Electronic Technology

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