Welding Technology Fall 2017
Status and Seats Available as of 5/30/2017 6:30:02 AM
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 CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

WELDING TECHNOLOGY; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 08/28/2017

 205143819Welder's Print Reading11/12/0OpenNeilson D 2$87.00
W 09:00AM-09:54AMAS371
W 10:00AM-01:13PMAS360

WELDING TECHNOLOGY; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 10/24/2017

 206143820Welding Inspec Qualification11/12/0OpenMcLean C 2$87.00
W 09:00AM-09:54AMAS371
W 10:00AM-01:13PMAS360

WELDING TECHNOLOGY; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 09/19/2017

 113143807Shielded Metal Arc Welding12/15/0OpenMcLean C 3$295.00
M 01:00PM-03:27PMAS371
M 03:33PM-05:45PMAS360

WELDING TECHNOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/28/2017

 110143836Intro Weld Fab Basics12/15/0OpenNeilson D 3$295.00
W 01:00PM-02:54PMAS371
W 03:00PM-04:54PMAS360
 110143861Intro Weld Fab Basics12/15/0OpenHall C 3$295.00
R 06:00PM-07:54PMAS371
R 08:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 112143812Contemporary Metal Sculpture 111/12/0OpenMachnee M 3$295.00
F 01:00PM-03:54PMAS820
F 04:00PM-04:54PMAS363
 113143801Shielded Metal Arc Welding14/15/0OpenStuart D 3$295.00
S 08:00AM-09:54AMAS371
S 10:00AM-11:54AMAS360
 115143809Gas Metal Arc Welding11/15/0OpenMachnee M 3$295.00
R 08:00AM-09:54AMAS371
R 10:00AM-11:54AMAS360
 115143879Gas Metal Arc Welding15/15/0OpenOlson C 3$295.00
T 06:00PM-07:54PMAS371
T 08:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 119143816Gas Tungsten Inert Arc Welding14/15/0OpenStuart D 3$295.00
S 01:00PM-02:54PMAS371
S 03:00PM-04:54PMAS360
 119143884Gas Tungsten Inert Arc Welding13/15/0OpenOlson C 3$295.00
W 06:00PM-07:54PMAS371
W 08:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 120143817Adv Proc Stick MIG14/15/0OpenMcLean C 3$295.00
M 08:00AM-08:54AMAS371
M 09:00AM-11:54AMAS360
 120143826Adv Proc Stick MIG12/15/0OpenMcLean C 3$295.00
F 01:00PM-01:54PMAS371
F 02:00PM-04:54PMAS360
 130143851Adv Processes Gas Tungsten11/15/0OpenOlson C 3$295.00
M 06:00PM-07:54PMAS371
M 08:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 205143853Welder's Print Reading9/12/0OpenMcLean C 2$87.00
W 06:00PM-06:54PMAS930
W 07:00PM-07:54PMAS360
 208143880Adv Metal Sculpture12/12/0OpenMachnee M 4$187.00
F 06:00PM-07:54PMAS820
F 08:00PM-09:54PMAS363
 210148181Prep for Weld Cert SMAW13/15/0OpenMcGibbon W 3$295.00
F 06:00PM-07:54PMAS371
F 08:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 211148182Prep for Weld Cert GMAW/MIG13/15/0OpenMcGibbon W 3$295.00
F 06:00PM-07:54PMAS371
F 08:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 223143823Fabrication10/12/0OpenNeilson D 4$403.00
T R 02:00PM-02:54PMAS710
T R 03:00PM-04:54PMAS360
 225148160Pre-Apprenticeship Weld Cert 13/15/0OpenMcGibbon W 3$295.00
F 06:00PM-06:54PMAS371
F 07:00PM-09:54PMAS360
 240143855Comp Numer Ctrl Shape Cutting4/12/0OpenMcLean C 4$428.00
T R 06:00PM-06:54PMAS220
T R 07:00PM-08:52PMAS363
 262143822Welding Metallurgy10/12/0OpenMcLean C 3$87.00
T 10:00AM-10:54AMAS371
T 11:00AM-12:54PMAS360
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