Computer Information Systems Spring 2017
Status and Seats Available as of 5/30/2017 6:30:02 AM
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 CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 05/08/2017

 105122872Computer Orientation9/20/0OpenTowner M 1$22.00
T 05:30PM-07:37PMAS900
 115122324Intro Computer Based Systems 4/31/0OpenSchlick WOnline3$12.00
 115122800Intro Computer Based Systems6/24/0OpenLee C 3$52.00
T R 02:00PM-05:10PMAS900
 115122853Intro Computer Based Systems17/24/0OpenTowner M 3$52.00
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMAS900
 120122323Microsoft Office 2016 7/20/0OpenParker MOnline3$12.00
 120122344Microsoft Office 2016 7/31/0OpenEllis TOnline3$12.00
 120122804Microsoft Office 20166/24/0OpenKoelzer L 3$52.00
T R 09:00AM-12:10PMAS930
 120122852Microsoft Office 20163/24/0OpenRedmond C 3$52.00
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMAS930
 125027727Prin of Information Security 5/31/0OpenBaron TSOE/OE3$12.00
 129027741Intro Programming Logic 18/31/0OpenTowner MOE/OE3$12.00
 129122829Intro Programming Logic1/24/0OpenParker M 3$52.00
T R 01:00PM-04:10PMAS600
 170122878Microsoft Windows 1018/24/0OpenPearlman A 3$52.00
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMAS610
 171122771Intro Networking 6/31/0OpenBaron TSOnline3$12.00
 176027729Visual Basic.NET 0/31/2ClosedWalker LOE/OE3$12.00
 180122780Microsoft Excel 2016 5/31/0OpenEllis TOnline3$12.00
 211112811Intro C++7/24/0OpenParker M 2$52.00
M W 03:00PM-05:07PMAS610
 215027737Adv Microsoft Office 2013 0/31/1ClosedLaird AOE/OE3$12.00
 221122862Advanced C++5/24/0OpenParker M 2$52.00
M W 06:00PM-08:07PMAS610
 225027703Microsoft Access 2016 16/31/0OpenTowner MOE/OE3$12.00
 235027718Managing & Troubleshooting PCs 24/31/0OpenBaron TOE/OE3$12.00
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