English Spring 2017
Status and Seats Available as of 3/26/2017 9:50:04 PM
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ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 05/08/2017

 050121500Modern English Grammar27/28/0OpenHunley E 3$12.00
M W 09:00AM-12:10PMLA300
 055121301Building Writing Skills23/28/0OpenMaheshwari A 3$12.00
M W 01:00PM-04:10PMLA300
 100122923Communication Skills 25/31/0OpenDitouras HOnline3$12.00
 101027725English Composition 1 28/31/0OpenHays SOE/OE3$12.00
 101121302English Composition 125/30/0OpenWoods R 3$12.00
T R 09:00AM-12:10PMLA420
 101121303English Composition 119/28/0OpenDolgin S 3$12.00
T R 01:00PM-04:10PMLA300
 101121304English Composition 121/28/0OpenScott M 3$12.00
M W 11:30AM-02:40PMLA310
 101121307English Composition 128/30/0OpenWoods R 3$12.00
M W 08:00AM-11:10AMLA400
 101121352English Composition 121/28/0OpenDolgin S 3$12.00
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMLA310
 101122318English Composition 1 23/30/0OpenMaheshwari AOnline3$12.00
 101122906English Composition 1 20/30/0OpenChaudhery SOnline3$12.00
 101122913English Composition 1 26/30/0OpenAddi OOnline3$12.00
 101122917English Composition 1 19/30/0OpenMaheshwari AOnline3$12.00
 101226253English Composition 126/30/0OpenHunley E 3$12.00
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMRC670
 102027724English Composition 2 23/31/0OpenHays SOE/OE3$12.00
 102121412English Composition 216/28/0OpenScott M 3$12.00
T R 09:00AM-12:10PMLA310
 102121415English Composition 212/28/0OpenScott M 3$12.00
T R 01:00PM-04:10PMLA310
 102121417English Composition 228/28/0OpenThomson A R 3$12.00
T R 08:30AM-11:40AMLA300
 102121419English Composition 221/28/0OpenThomson A R 3$12.00
M W 08:00AM-11:10AMLA310
 102121454English Composition 226/28/0OpenBell C 3$12.00
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMLA300
 102121455English Composition 227/28/0OpenBell C 3$12.00
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMLA300
 102122943English Composition 2 0/30/0ClosedHarris MOnline3$12.00
 102122948English Composition 2 20/30/0OpenAddi OOnline3$12.00
 102122950English Composition 2 30/30/0OpenChaudhery SOnline3$12.00
 102122952English Composition 2 4/30/0OpenDitouras HOnline3$12.00
 102122994English Composition 2 21/30/0OpenDitouras HOnline3$12.00
 102226264English Composition 228/30/0OpenHunley E 3$12.00
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMRC670
 106122903Business English 21/31/0OpenMaheshwari AOnline3$12.00
 200122907Intro Film 17/31/0OpenHarris MOnline4$12.00
 251122911Amer Lit Colonial to Civil War 27/31/0OpenHarris MOnline3$12.00
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