Collegiate Skills Winter 2017
Status and Seats Available as of 3/29/2017 6:40:03 PM
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 CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

COLLEGIATE SKILLS; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 01/09/2017

 105110528Learning Skills 1 AD11/30/0OpenJohns E 1$22.00
W 12:00PM-02:07PMMC035
 105110567Learning Skills 1 AD14/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1$22.00
T 06:00PM-08:07PMMC015

COLLEGIATE SKILLS; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 03/13/2017

 130110539Applied Learn Theory Nursing5/20/0OpenClack D 3$22.00
T R 09:00AM-10:54AMMC035
T R 11:00AM-12:10PMMC050

COLLEGIATE SKILLS; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/09/2017

 050110502College Reading3/25/0OpenHandelman N 4$22.00
T R 09:00AM-10:54AMMC040
 050110503College Reading16/25/0OpenBoyde S 4$22.00
T R 11:00AM-12:54PMMC040
 050110508College Reading19/25/0OpenHandelman N 4$22.00
T R 01:00PM-02:54PMMC040
 050110522College Reading18/25/0OpenAnter N 4$22.00
M 03:00PM-04:54PMMC040
W 03:00PM-04:54PMMC035
 050110525College Reading15/25/0OpenSmith J 4$22.00
M 02:00PM-03:54PMMC035
W 02:00PM-03:54PMMC040
 050110554College Reading13/25/0OpenAnter N 4$22.00
M W 06:00PM-07:54PMMC040
 050216509College Reading12/24/0OpenMargosian-Galindo N 4$22.00
T 01:00PM-02:54PMRC270
R 01:00PM-02:54PMRC410
 053110504Critical Read Think App4/25/0OpenWernholm A 4$25.00
M W 09:00AM-09:54AMMC015
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMMC040
 053110505Critical Read Think App2/25/0OpenWroblewski V 4$25.00
M W 12:00PM-12:54PMMC015
M W 01:00PM-01:54PMMC040
 053110506Critical Read Think App3/25/0OpenAnter N 4$25.00
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMMC035
M W 11:00AM-11:54AMMC040
 053110514Critical Read Think App4/20/0OpenBoyde S 4$25.00
T R 01:30PM-02:24PMMC035
T R 02:30PM-03:24PMMC050
 053110518Critical Read Think App10/25/0OpenBoyde S 4$25.00
T R 03:30PM-04:24PMMC015
T R 04:30PM-05:24PMMC040
 053110560Critical Read Think App6/25/0OpenWernholm A 4$25.00
T R 06:00PM-06:54PMMC035
T R 07:00PM-07:54PMMC040
 053216507Critical Read Think App15/24/0OpenBrewer S 4$25.00
T 11:00AM-12:54PMRC270
R 11:00AM-12:54PMRC410
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