Spanish Winter 2017
Status and Seats Available as of 3/30/2017 6:50:02 PM
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WORLD LANGUAGE - SPANISH; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/09/2017

 101110405Elementary Spanish 15/28/0OpenLonigro A 4$12.00
T R 12:00PM-01:54PMLA420
 101110407Elementary Spanish 120/28/0OpenAugustinaitis J 4$12.00
F 09:00AM-12:54PMLA420
 101110410Elementary Spanish 13/24/0OpenAugustinaitis J 4$12.00
M W 01:00PM-02:54PMLA330
 101110419Elementary Spanish 15/28/0OpenNofz A 4$12.00
T R 02:00PM-03:54PMLA420
 101112438Elementary Spanish 1 7/31/0OpenGulledge KOnline4$12.00
 101112471Elementary Spanish 1 6/31/0OpenGulledge KOnline4$12.00
 101112956Elementary Spanish 1 7/31/0OpenMichalik ROnline4$12.00
 101216052Elementary Spanish 120/28/0OpenAugustinaitis J 4$12.00
R 06:00PM-09:54PMRC690
 102110406Elementary Spanish 214/28/0OpenNofz A 4$12.00
T R 10:00AM-11:54AMLA420
 102110411Elementary Spanish 221/28/0OpenNofz A 4$12.00
M W 02:30PM-04:24PMLA420
 102110450Elementary Spanish 226/28/0OpenManetta J 4$12.00
M W 06:00PM-07:54PMLA420
 102112418Elementary Spanish 2 4/31/0OpenGulledge KOnline4$12.00
 201110412Intermediate Spanish 113/24/0OpenLonigro A 4$12.00
T R 08:00AM-09:54AMLA330
 202110415Intermediate Spanish 216/28/0OpenNofz A 4$12.00
M W 12:30PM-02:24PMLA420
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