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Course Schedule

College and Beyond Fall 2017
Status and Seats Available as of 12/15/2017 2:51:53 PM
CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄ Capacity ⁄ WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

COLLEGE AND BEYOND; No of Weeks : 15


Begins : Monday, August 28, 2017

100140100Student Success Seminar0/24/0ClosedJohns E 1$12.00M  03:00 PM-03:54 PM MC035
100140120Student Success Seminar1/22/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00F  09:00 AM-09:54 AM L110
100140122Student Success Seminar0/30/0ClosedJohns E 1$12.00T  11:00 AM-11:54 AM MC035
100140129Student Success Seminar4/30/0OpenJohns E 1$12.00R  11:00 AM-11:54 AM MC035
100140138Student Success Seminar4/30/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00R  03:30 PM-04:24 PM MC015
100140139Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenJohns E 1$12.00W  04:00 PM-04:54 PM MC015
100140151Student Success Seminar3/30/0OpenJohns E 1$12.00M  05:00 PM-05:54 PM MC035
100140152Student Success Seminar4/30/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00R  05:00 PM-05:54 PM MC035

COLLEGE AND BEYOND; No of Weeks : 12


Begins : Tuesday, September 19, 2017

100142733Student Success Seminar0/31/0ClosedFichtenberg COnline1$12.00 
100142746Student Success Seminar0/31/0ClosedFichtenberg COnline1$12.00 



Begins : Monday, August 28, 2017

100140104Student Success Seminar2/24/0OpenMeister H 1$12.00T  08:00 AM-10:07 AM L105
100140106Student Success Seminar0/22/0ClosedTomlinson J 1$12.00W  09:00 AM-11:07 AM L110
100140116Student Success Seminar1/22/0OpenVan Hellemont S 1$12.00T  10:00 AM-12:07 PM L110
100140140Student Success Seminar0/22/0ClosedJohns E 1$12.00F  10:00 AM-12:07 PM L110
100140141Student Success Seminar0/22/0ClosedVan Hellemont S 1$12.00T  03:00 PM-05:07 PM L110
100140143Student Success Seminar0/24/0ClosedJohns E 1$12.00T  03:00 PM-05:07 PM L105
100140144Student Success Seminar2/22/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00F  01:00 PM-03:07 PM L110
100140147Student Success Seminar2/24/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00R  08:00 AM-10:07 AM L105
100140150Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00R  06:00 PM-08:07 PM MC015
100140155Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenJohns E 1$12.00R  06:00 PM-08:07 PM MC035
100142373Student Success Seminar2/31/0OpenFichtenberg COnline1$12.00 
100142376Student Success Seminar2/31/0OpenFichtenberg COnline1$12.00 
100246071Student Success Seminar8/31/0OpenBailey S 1$12.00T  06:00 PM-08:07 PM RC695

Begins : Tuesday, October 24, 2017

100140102Student Success Seminar0/22/0ClosedVan Hellemont S 1$12.00T  03:00 PM-05:07 PM L105
100140103Student Success Seminar3/22/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00R  01:00 PM-03:07 PM L110
100140108Student Success Seminar1/22/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00R  08:00 AM-10:07 AM L110
100140110Student Success Seminar3/22/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00T  03:00 PM-05:07 PM L110
100140127Student Success Seminar1/24/0OpenTomlinson J 1$12.00T  08:00 AM-10:07 AM L105
100140128Student Success Seminar0/20/0ClosedTomlinson J 1$12.00W  09:00 AM-11:07 AM L110
100140149Student Success Seminar0/22/0ClosedVan Hellemont S 1$12.00T  10:00 AM-12:07 PM L110
100140156Student Success Seminar4/30/0OpenJohns E 1$12.00T  06:00 PM-08:07 PM LA140
100140163Student Success Seminar15/30/0OpenJohns E 1$12.00R  06:00 PM-08:07 PM MC015
100140164Student Success Seminar0/24/0ClosedJohns E 1$12.00W  06:00 PM-08:07 PM L105
100142336Student Success Seminar2/31/0OpenFichtenberg COnline1$12.00 
100142742Student Success Seminar1/31/0OpenFichtenberg COnline1$12.00 
100146865Student Success Seminar8/24/0OpenFichtenberg CHybrid1$12.00M  05:00 PM-07:26 PM MC020
100246058Student Success Seminar14/31/0OpenBailey S 1$12.00R  05:00 PM-07:07 PM RC440
100246072Student Success Seminar19/31/0OpenBailey S 1$12.00T  05:00 PM-07:07 PM RC695



Begins : Monday, August 21, 2017

100140113Student Success Seminar6/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1$12.00M  09:00 AM-04:54 PM MC015
T  09:00 AM-03:54 PM MC015

Begins : Wednesday, August 23, 2017

100140115Student Success Seminar0/30/0ClosedFichtenberg C 1$12.00W  09:00 AM-04:54 PM MC015
R  09:00 AM-03:54 PM MC015

Begins : Friday, September 8, 2017

100140118Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1$12.00X F S  09:00 AM-01:54 PM MC035
100140145Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenAnter N 1$12.00X F S  09:00 AM-01:54 PM MC015

Begins : Friday, September 15, 2017

100140107Student Success Seminar1/31/0OpenAnter N 1$12.00X F S  09:00 AM-01:54 PM MC035
100140125Student Success Seminar2/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1$12.00F  09:00 AM-04:54 PM MC015
S  09:00 AM-03:54 PM MC015

Begins : Friday, September 22, 2017

100140126Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenAnter N 1$12.00X F S  09:00 AM-01:54 PM MC035
100140130Student Success Seminar1/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1$12.00F  09:00 AM-04:54 PM MC015
S  09:00 AM-03:54 PM MC015

Begins : Friday, September 29, 2017

100140124Student Success Seminar0/30/0ClosedFichtenberg C 1$12.00F  09:00 AM-04:54 PM MC015
S  09:00 AM-03:54 PM MC015

T = Tuesday
R = Thursday

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