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Course Schedule

English as a Second Language Fall 2018
Status and Seats Available as of 11/20/2018 11:29:06 AM
CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄ Capacity ⁄ WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room



Begins : Tuesday, September 4, 2018

060141715Read Vocabulary 110/23/0OpenBazzi L 4$37.00M  09:00 AM-09:54 AM MC025
M  10:00 AM-11:01 AM MC011
W  09:00 AM-11:01 AM MC025
064141716Listen Speak 19/23/0OpenDage M 4$37.00M  02:00 PM-04:01 PM MC020
W  02:00 PM-02:54 PM MC020
W  03:00 PM-04:01 PM MC011
067141717Grammar Writing 16/23/0OpenFichtenberg C 4$37.00M  11:15 AM-12:09 PM MC020
M  12:15 PM-01:16 PM MC011
W  11:15 AM-01:16 PM MC020
070141720Read Vocabulary 22/23/0OpenDage M 4$37.00T  09:00 AM-11:01 AM MC020
R  09:00 AM-09:54 AM MC020
R  10:00 AM-11:01 AM MC011
074141721Listen Speak 20/23/0ClosedFichtenberg C 4$37.00T  02:00 PM-04:01 PM MC020
R  02:00 PM-02:54 PM MC011
R  03:00 PM-04:01 PM MC020
077141723Grammar Writing 20/23/0ClosedLowell C 4$37.00T  11:15 AM-12:09 PM MC025
T  12:15 PM-01:16 PM MC011
R  11:15 AM-01:16 PM MC025
078141751Eng Bus Purposes12/23/0OpenBazzi L 3$37.00R  06:00 PM-09:10 PM MC020
079141752Americ Eng Pronun13/23/0OpenPak E 3$37.00T  06:00 PM-09:10 PM MC020
080141725Read Vocabulary 34/23/0OpenFichtenberg C 4$37.00M  09:00 AM-11:01 AM MC020
W  09:00 AM-09:54 AM MC020
W  10:00 AM-11:01 AM MC011
084141718Listen Speak 36/23/0OpenQuan L 4$37.00M  02:00 PM-04:01 PM MC025
W  02:00 PM-02:54 PM MC011
W  03:00 PM-04:01 PM MC025
087141719Grammar Writing 33/23/0OpenBazzi L 4$37.00M  11:15 AM-01:16 PM MC025
W  11:15 AM-12:09 PM MC011
W  12:15 PM-01:16 PM MC025
110141728Read Vocabulary 40/23/0ClosedFichtenberg C 4$37.00T  09:00 AM-09:54 AM MC025
T  10:00 AM-11:01 AM MC011
R  09:00 AM-11:01 AM MC025
114141735Listen Speak 42/23/0OpenLowell C 4$37.00T  02:00 PM-04:01 PM MC025
R  02:00 PM-02:54 PM MC025
R  03:00 PM-04:01 PM MC011
117141731Grammar Writing 46/23/0OpenPak E 4$37.00T  11:15 AM-01:16 PM MC020
R  11:15 AM-12:09 PM MC020
R  12:15 PM-01:16 PM MC011
117141739Grammar Writing 47/20/0OpenQuan L 4$37.00T  11:15 AM-01:16 PM MC030
R  11:15 AM-12:09 PM MC030
R  12:15 PM-01:16 PM MC011
130141737Capstone Course21/23/0OpenPak E 4$37.00T  09:00 AM-11:01 AM MC030
R  09:00 AM-09:54 AM MC011
R  10:00 AM-11:01 AM MC030

T = Tuesday
R = Thursday
S = Saturday
X = Sunday

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