Frequently Asked Questions

What is a waitlist?

A waitlist is an electronic list that is attached to a course section for students who want to enroll in a closed section should a spot open up.

Will all sections offer a waitlist?

No. Sections that are offered through our (MCCVLC) Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative or our non-credit/CEPD will not utilize waitlisting

How do I get on the waitlist

When you attempt to register for a closed section you will be given the option to add yourself to the waitlist.

Can I be enrolled/registered in a section and then add myself to the waitlist for another section?

Yes, but if you decide to enroll in the previously waitlisted section, you are responsible for dropping the first one. Otherwise, you will have registered/paid for two sections of the same course. Example: Student B is enrolled in MATH-113 that meets on Monday/Wednesday at 9 a.m., but really prefers the Tuesday evening section. He is on the waitlist for the Tuesday evening section and is offered a spot. If he registers and pays for the Tuesday evening section, he must also drop himself from the Monday/Wednesday section he no longer wants. This will not happen automatically.

Can I waitlist for more than one section of the same course?

Yes, but as soon as you register for one section of the course you will be dropped from all other waitlists for that course. Example: Student A was not able to find an open section of BIOL-243 when she registered, so she is on the waitlist for several sections of BIOL-243. She gets a notification that a spot is available and she decides to enroll in that section. She will automatically be removed from the waitlists for the other sections.

Can I get an overload into a section that is full?

Not all instructors accept overloads. You must get approval in writing from the instructor to overload into a section. Written consent must be brought to the Admission and Enrollment Center within two business days to be honored. If your instructor issued consent via email, please print the email which shows the sent address and bring it with you.

How can I check my waitlists?

Log into WebAdvisor and from the student menu click on "Manage My Waitlist."

Should I go to class if I’m on the waitlist?

No, only students who have registered/enrolled and paid for sections are allowed to attend.

How will I know I can register for a waitlisted section?

When there is a seat available in the section, an email will be sent to the first student on the waitlist for that section. Please be sure to check your email regularly, or program your email to notify you through your cell phone or other portable device. The College is not responsible for inactive or incorrect email addresses, full mailboxes or other similar problems that could affect the receipt of the email message. Some internet providers may route mail from Schoolcraft to spam, bulk mail or trash folders. Please check your email account’s security settings, filters, etc. in order to try to ensure appropriate delivery.

If you were on multiple waitlists for the same course, you will be removed from those waitlists once you register for a section.

Email is the ONLY form of notification for waitlisting.

Schoolcraft provides you with an email account so that we can communicate important information to you including waitlist notifications. SCmail is free and logging into your account takes only a few minutes. You can even set up the account to automatically forward messages to your other e-mail accounts.

What do I need to do when I receive the email giving me permission to register?

Register for the section via WebAdvisor before the expiration date and time indicated on the email.

What happens if I do not register before the deadline?

Your permission to register expires on the date indicated in the notification email. Permission to register is then given to the next student on the waitlist.

On WebAdvisor it looks like there is a seat available but the status of the section is “Closed.” Why is the section closed?

The section is closed because the available seat is being offered to the first person on the waitlist.

What if I change my mind and want to remove myself from the waitlist?

Log onto WebAdvisor and from the student menu click on “Manage My Waitlist.” Locate the section for which you no longer want to be on the waitlist, choose “Remove” from the drop down menu, and then click “Submit.”

What happens if I drop a section and want to get back into the same section?

If there is an opening in the section, and no waitlist exists, you may register for the section. If the section is filled, you may place yourself on the waitlist.

How does de-registration impact waitlisted sections?

It does not. Students who are de-registered for non-payment will only be removed from sections for which they have registered. If you were de-registered for non-payment and the course is now closed, you must place yourself on the waitlist. Once you are registered/enrolled, payment for classes is due the same day that you register. Check WebAdvisor for hours of operation.

If a new section of a course is opened, will the students on the waitlist for other full sections be automatically notified?

Yes. An email will go out to students who are currently on a waitlist for the type of new course being offered. The new section will be filled on a first come, first served basis and this notification does not guarantee you a seat in any section.

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