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Tuition and Fees

Company Paid Tuition & Fees

Some companies pay for at least a portion of their employees’ tuition, fees, books, or supplies. The college receives authorization to invoice the company through purchase order or an authorization letter. Authorization is required each semester. Contact Accounts Receivable at (734) 462-4586 for additional information.

Senior Adults Tuition Waiver

Students 60 years and older are qualified to take credit classes at a reduced cost. These students will receive a discount equal to 50 percent of the resident tuition rate. This rate applies to resident and nonresident students. For Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) classes, a reduced course fee is specified for each course and is indicated in their schedules and brochures.

In order to receive senior adult status, persons sixty (60) years of age or older must verify their age (using a birth certificate, driver’s license, or other legal documents) with the Registration Center (main campus) at the time of registration or prior to the start of the class in order to receive the senior rate. No rate adjustments will be made after a class has started.

Refund Policy

Students will receive a refund if they drop a class before the last day of the schedule adjustment period using either WebAdvisor or by completing the drop section of the registration worksheet in the Admissions and Welcome Center. See the calendar for refund dates. Credit card payments made online through WebAdvisor will be credited to the account used for payment. All other refunds will be issued to the student by check. Allow four weeks after the last day of the schedule adjustment period to receive your refund.

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