Loan and Aid Requests

Spring/Summer 2018 Aid RequestPDF37.37 KB Download
Spring/Summer 2018 Loan RequestPDF315.34 KB Download
Fall/Winter 2018 Loan RequestPDF432.16 KB Download
Fall 2018 Loan Request PDF430.59 KB Download
Loan Adjustment Form Spring/Summer 2018PDF232.62 KB Download

IRS Tax Transcript Information

This form is for students and/or parents to submit directly to the IRS. Any 4506-T forms sent to Schoolcraft College will be shredded.

2018-19 Forms

We accept documents via fax, mail, in person (with a valid ID) or by drop box. Please do not email sensitive information. 

Please note: The High School Completion/Statement of Educational Purpose is not available online. It must be completed in our office with a valid government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc...).

2018-19 Advanced Degree StatementPDF106.73 KB Download
2018-19 Asset WorksheetPDF107.76 KB Download
2018-19 College Work Study RequestPDF120.44 KB Download
2018-19 Debt ManagementPDF110.20 KB Download
2018-19 Degree Completion AppealPDF101.72 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Change in CircumstancePDF104.10 KB Download
2018-19 Dependency Override RequestPDF139.45 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Parent Information FormPDF91.56 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Parent Marital StatusPDF109.23 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Verification WorksheetPDF120.37 KB Download
2018-19 FAFSA CertificationsPDF88.17 KB Download
2018-19 Head of Household VerificationPDF112.87 KB Download
2018-19 Independent Change in CircumstancePDF103.81 KB Download
2018-19 Independent Marital Status & Income FormPDF114.61 KB Download
2018-19 Identity Theft StatementPDF97.32 KB Download
2018-19 Independent Verification WorksheetPDF96.09 KB Download
2018-19 Monthly Budget WorksheetPDF92.56 KB Download
2018-19 Non Filing StatementPDF343.95 KB Download
2018-19 Non Filing Verification Instructions and FormPDF156.36 KB Download
2018-19 Revised Academic PlanPDF89.06 KB Download
2018-19 Satisfactory Academic Progress AppealPDF123.75 KB Download
2018-19 Tax Return Transcript Instructions and Short FormPDF149.51 KB Download
2018-19 Tuition Incentive Program Request Form PDF353.16 KB Download
2018-19 Unusual Enrollment History AppealPDF97.18 KB Download
2018-19 Wage & Income Transcript Instructions and FormPDF155.58 KB Download

2017-18 Forms

2017-18 Advanced Degree StatementPDF456.95 KB Download
2017-18 Asset WorksheetPDF360.58 KB Download
2017-18 College Work Study RequestPDF475.81 KB Download
2017-18 Debt ManagementPDF300.82 KB Download
2017-18 Degree Completion AppealPDF371.48 KB Download
2017-18 Dependency Override RequestPDF492.46 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Change in CircumstancePDF577.02 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Child Support PaidPDF367.69 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Low Income WorksheetPDF583.68 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Parent Information FormPDF493.92 KB Download
2017-18 Depdendent Parent Marital StatusPDF469.03 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Parent Marital StatusPDF271.05 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent SNAP BenefitPDF580.71 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Verification Worksheet PDF522.60 KB Download
2017-18 FAFSA CertificationsPDF360.25 KB Download
2017-18 Identity Theft StatementPDF465.54 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Change in CircumstancePDF576.08 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Child Support PaidPDF365.45 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Low Income WorksheetPDF497.69 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Marital Status & Income FormPDF471.41 KB Download
2017-18 Independent SNAP BenefitPDF400.29 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Verification Worksheet PDF520.12 KB Download
2017-18 Monthly Budget WorksheetPDF367.68 KB Download
2017-18 Nonfiling StatementPDF450.87 KB Download
2017-18 Revised Academic PlanPDF444.34 KB Download
2017-18 Satisfactory Academic Progress AppealPDF618.99 KB Download
2017-18 Tuition Incentive Program Request FormPDF466.89 KB Download
2017-18 Untaxed Income VerificationPDF589.58 KB Download
2017-18 Unusual Enrollment History AppealPDF481.06 KB Download
*Our primary source of communication is via your SCmail account. Be sure to monitor your SCmail and your WebAdvisor account regularly for any updates regarding your financial aid status.