Aerobics /Cross Training/Conditioning

Winter 2017Spring & Summer 2017
Course TitleCourse Number
Bar/Weights & CoreCES-9950
Bar/Weights & CoreCES-9962
Barre Workout: Changing the Look of FitnessCES-9892
Barre Workout: Changing the Look of FitnessCES-9896
Best Body WorkoutCES-9838
Best Body WorkoutCES-9856
Bokwa: Fitness for EveryoneCES-9889
Cardio Kickboxing ComboCES-9948
Cardio Kickboxing ComboCES-9956
Cardio Pi-YoCES-9958
Circuit TrainingCES-9764
Circuit TrainingCES-9779
Circuit TrainingCES-9365
Circuit TrainingCES-9778
Fit as a FiddleCES-9815
Fit At Any SizeCES-9874
Get Fit & Stay FitCES-9716
Get Fit & Stay FitCES-9254
Get Fit! From Top to BottomCES-9774
Get Fit! From Top to BottomCES-9677
Hoop BlastCES-9806
Hoop BlastCES-9801
Limited Mobility Fitness: Chair ExerciseCES-9952
Pilates + Balls, Bands & Weights = Great WorkoutCES-9924
Pilates + Balls, Bands & Weights = Great WorkoutCES-9619
Pilates ICES-9712
Pilates ICES-9630
Pound Rockout WorkoutCES-9920
Strength Training & Muscle ConditioningCES-9722
Strength Training & Muscle ConditioningCES-9770
Strength Training & Muscle ConditioningCES-9432
Strength Training & Muscle ConditioningCES-9433
Strength Training for SeniorsCES-9550
Strength Training for SeniorsCES-9720
Sunrise, Stretch, Strength & ToneCES-9941
Sunrise, Stretch, Strength & ToneCES-9954
TRX Suspension Training: Small GroupCES-9944
WERQ Dance . Fitness . WorkoutCES-9921
WERQ Dance . Fitness . WorkoutCES-9930
Zumba - A "Blast" Fitness ClassCES-9796
Zumba - A "Blast" Fitness ClassCES-9811
Zumba GoldCES-9839
Zumba GoldCES-9855
Zumba ToningCES-9810
Zumba ToningCES-9812
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