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Schoolcraft College Fitness Center

Expect a Quality Workout

State-of-the Art Cardio Equipment

  • Precor® Treadmills and Ellipticals
  • Woodway Curve®  manual treadmills
  • Stairmaster®Stepmills
  • Precor® Upright and Recumbent bikes
  • Concept 2® Rowers
  • Expresso Bikes®  that allow you to race your friends, ride through real terrain courses of varying levels and track your workouts
  • Precor® Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT’s)
  • Jacob’s Ladder™
  • NuStep®
  • Sci-Fit Seated Upper Body Ergometer 
  • Helix Lateral Trainer™
  • Most cardio equipment on our workout floor feature individual television consoles

Extensive Free-Weight Area

  • Dumbbells from 3lbs—100lbs
  • Weight plates from 2.5lbs—45lbs
  • Curl bars from 20lbs—110lbs
  • Preacher curl benches
  • Squat racks
  • Incline, decline and flat benches
  • Precor® Smith Machine (assisted squat rack)
  • Assisted chin up, pull up and dip machine
  • Deadlift area

Top-of-the-Line Strength Equipment

  • Precor®  strength training machines that target all major muscle groups
  • Free Motion® cable machines that engage your stabilizer muscles to improve core strength and overall balance in the muscle
  • Keiser® air resistance upper body machines which allow a consistent variable resistance curve at any speed

Functional Fitness

  • TRX® Suspension Training system
  • TRUESTRETCH® Cage for a natural approach to flexibility training
  • Weighted Medicine balls
  • Stability balls
  • BOSU® Balance trainers
  • Ab rollers for core strength training
  • Mats, Resistance bands and jump ropes
  • Plyomtetric Training boxes
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