Career Training

Fall 2017

Course TitleCourse Number
Administrative Assistant Applications - Online CourseCES2-1497
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals - Online CourseCES2-1441
Advanced Data Analysis - Online CourseCES2-1638
Become a Veterinary Assistant - Online CourseCES-8426
Become a Veterinary Assistant 2: Canine Reproduction - Online CourseCES-8490
Become a Veterinary Assistant 3: Practical Skills - Online CourseCES-8493
Boosting Your Website Traffic - Online CourseCES2-1626
Building Teams That Work - Online CourseCES2-1618
Business & Marketing Writing - Online CourseCES2-1520
Certificate in Data Analysis Series - Online CourseCES2-1635
Certificate in Digital Marketing Series - Online CourseCES2-1625
Certificate in Office Operations Series - Online CourseCES2-1654
Certificate in Sales Series - Online CourseCES2-1671
Certificate in Workplace Communication Series - Online CourseCES2-1677
Conflict Management - Online CourseCES2-1678
Cyber Security for Managers - Online CourseCES2-1655
Digital Sculpting with Autodesk AliasCES2-6241
Digital Sculpting with Autodesk Alias: Level 4CES2-6303
Effective Business Writing - Online CourseCES2-1552
Embracing Sustainability in the Workplace - Online CourseCES2-1657
Fundamentals of Supervision & Management - Online CourseCES2-1617
Fundamentals of Supervision & Management 2 - Online CourseCES2-1641
Getting Started in Sales - Online CourseCES2-1673
Improving Email Promotions - Online CourseCES2-1627
Individual Excellence - Online CourseCES2-1614
Intermediate Data Analysis - Online CourseCES2-1637
Introduction to Data Analysis - Online CourseCES2-1636
Marketing Your Business on the Internet - Online CourseCES2-1648
Microsoft Project - Online CourseCES2-6199
Negotiation: Get What You Want - Online CourseCES2-1679
Office Operations - Online CourseCES2-1656
Online Advertising - Online CourseCES2-1628
Power Selling - Online CourseCES2-1674
Project Management Essentials and Exam PreparationCES2-1572
Resume Writing - Online CourseCES2-1512
Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) PreparationCES2-1676
Strategic Selling with Social Media - Online CourseCES2-1672
Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance - Online CourseCES2-1680
Using Social Media in Business - Online CourseCES2-1649