Course Description

Enjoy an aquatic workout that utilizes the natural resistance of water. Begin with deep water running for 25 minutes, then move to the shallow end and use resistance weights on your arms and legs. This aquatic activity is equivalent to a Nautilus workout. You do not need to know how to swim, but must be comfortable in deep water.

Course Schedule

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Spring & Summer; 2017

 CES-9493928709Hydro-toning05/01/17-07/24/17 LECTURE Monday 06:00AM - 07:00AM, Physical Education Building, Room POOL, 12 Wks
No class 5/29
05/01/17-07/24/17P. Gould$65SA$32.50 Open
 CES-9493928739Hydro-toning05/03/17-07/19/17 LECTURE Wednesday 04:00PM - 05:00PM, Physical Education Building, Room POOL, 12 Wks05/03/17-07/19/17D. Rapach$65SA$32.50 Open
 CES-9493928738Hydro-toning05/05/17-07/21/17 LECTURE Friday 03:00PM - 04:00PM, Physical Education Building, Room POOL, 12 Wks05/05/17-07/21/17D. Rapach$65SA$32.50 Open

** book required
* book and usb required

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