1000 - District

1000--IndexPDF129.35 KB Download
1020--Core Abilities & General EducationPDF23.95 KB Download
1030.2--Whistleblower ProcedurePDF66.06 KB Download
1030 Code of Ethics-Conflict of InterestPDF13.75 KB Download
1030.1--Code of Ethics-Conflict of InterestPDF17.74 KB Download
1050--Bylaws of the Board of TrusteesPDF217.32 KB Download
1010--Mission of Schoolcraft CollegePDF60.53 KB Download
1060.7--Student Conduct and Discipline CommitteePDF15.36 KB Download
1060-1--Health & Environmental Safety ProcedurePDF26.79 KB Download

2000 - Students

2000--IndexPDF127.50 KB Download
2110-2--Tuition and Fees Gift CardPDF67.70 KB Download
2111-2--Tuition & Fees Accounts ReceivablePDF9.77 KB Download
2111-1--Proc--Tuition & Fees In-District Bus, Indust, and GovernPDF12.90 KB Download
2070--Destruction of Student RecordsPDF10.56 KB Download
2110--Tuition and FeesPDF9.26 KB Download
2110-1--Tuition and Fees--PaymentsPDF118.36 KB Download
2110.3--Tuition and Fees-Credit ClassesPDF187.57 KB Download
2111--Tuition & Fees for In-District Bus, Indust, and GovernPDF10.85 KB Download
2120--Tuition and Fees RefundPDF9.66 KB Download

3000 - Instruction

3095-1--Procedure-Community & College Group Use of Coll PropPDF41.03 KB Download
3060-3--Numbering College Credit CoursesPDF46.87 KB Download
3090-1--Procedure-Continuing Education Non-Credit ProgramsPDF11.22 KB Download
3095-2--Co-Sponsored Activities-EventsPDF19.62 KB Download
3090--Continuing Education and Professional Development Non-Credit ProgramsPDF11.07 KB Download
3095-3--College Hosted ActivitiesPDF19.26 KB Download
3095-4--Operation of Physical Educ FacilitiesPDF15.45 KB Download
3095--Community & College Group Use of College PropertyPDF11.32 KB Download
3111--Voice MailPDF12.00 KB Download
3095-5--Use of Liberal Arts Building Conference Room(B200-210)PDF11.94 KB Download

4000 - Personnel

4210--Hiring and Dismissal of EmployeesPDF15.81 KB Download
4210-16--Employee SeparationPDF24.12 KB Download
4210-9--Criminal Conviction ReportingPDF130.31 KB Download
4210-19--Remembrance FundPDF12.47 KB Download
4210-17--Student EmploymentPDF30.25 KB Download
4210-18--Retiree RecognitionPDF66.66 KB Download
4211--Establishment of New Administrative UnitsPDF11.75 KB Download
4250-1--Health RequirementsPDF15.85 KB Download
4250--Health Examinations Of All Full-Time EmployeesPDF11.06 KB Download
4300-1--Procedures on StaffingPDF14.98 KB Download

5000 - Business

5120-2--Operating College Non-Motorized VehiclesPDF75.62 KB Download
5120--College VehiclesPDF62.74 KB Download
5135-1--Use of College Resources by Employees-StudPDF18.98 KB Download
5135-2--Use of College TelephonesPDF11.70 KB Download
5120-4--Operating College Small Unmanned Aircraft SystemsPDF111.26 KB Download
5135-3--Cellular TelephonesPDF22.39 KB Download
5120-3--Operating College Motorized VehiclesPDF72.41 KB Download
5135--Use of College Resources by Individual Employees and SPDF11.86 KB Download
5140-1--Campus Traffic Rules RegulationsPDF120.32 KB Download
5140--Campus Traffic Rules and RegulationsPDF105.51 KB Download