Graduation Rates

On average, over the past 4 years:

  • 28% of Schoolcraft students transferred to another college within 3 years*
  • 19% of Schoolcraft students graduated within 3 years*

How does Schoolcraft’s performance compare to other colleges?

Schoolcraft College prepares students to excel. Our students’ success rate, which includes those who graduate or transfer to another college, is 15% higher than the average of all community colleges in the state! Go Ocelots! But our work is far from done – Schoolcraft is working hard to improve these numbers to support YOUR success.

Data source: IPEDS Graduation Rate Report, 2015-2016; National Center for Education Statistics Data (as of 2014)

*The federal government requires graduation rates to be calculated based on students completing a program within 150% of normal program time – which is 3 years for a 2-year associate degree/certificate program and 2 years for a 1-year certificate program.

Why should I care about graduation rates?

Graduation rates are one piece in the puzzle to gauge how well a college supports students to achieve academically. While it’s a good idea to check out colleges’ graduation rates, it’s important to know that it’s not the whole story.

What do I need to know about graduation rates?

  • It’s complicated to measure success of community colleges. Unlike 4-year universities, students come to community colleges for a wide range of reasons – not always to earn a degree. Graduation rates don’t tell the success story of students who achieved their goals by completing courses to learn new skills but didn’t intend to earn a degree.
  • Some students take jobs before they graduate, switch from full-time to part-time enrollment or take a break from college for a variety of reasons. These students are likely to take longer than three years to complete a degree, which reduces Schoolcraft’s overall graduation rate using the Federal government's’ definition.

Who do these numbers include?

  • There are many limitations to consider when you look at these numbers. These rates only measure a small group of students, only including full-time students trying to earn a degree/certificate who started in the fall semester and haven’t attended college before. 
  • The first-time, full-time students in the study only represent 17% of all students enrolled at Schoolcraft College in fall of 2015. 
  • Federal government regulations require graduation rates and transfer rates to be calculated this way so all colleges do it consistently, allowing you to make comparisons about performance.

What do Schoolcraft graduates have to say?

“I easily found employment, at which I am recognized as outstanding and an asset to the office.  I also feel confident moving forward in my education because of my foundation from Schoolcraft."

“When I did not think I could do it, the professors at Schoolcraft provided me with a sense of hope.”

“I have met many people in the industry and the faculty was amazing in the program and I would consider some like family. I have confidence in my abilities which has made me start plans for my future. With their encouragement I feel as though all is possible. I am thankful for all that I have met and will continue to meet through Schoolcraft.”