Arts, Humanities, and Communications

Critical thinking and creativity skills are often the cornerstone of careers in today’s fast-paced global economy. With 15 different areas of study in the arts, humanities and communication disciplines, Schoolcraft provides students with strong liberal arts programs that can lead directly to a career or prepare them to transfer to a four-year institution. All courses are not offered each semester. Please work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for you.

Areas of Study 201​7-1​8

  • Arabic (Courses)

  • Art and Design (AFA, AA, Courses)

  • Broadcast Communications (AAS)

  • Chinese (Courses)

  • Communication Arts (Courses)

  • Computer Graphics Technology (Skills Certificate, Certificates, AAS, Courses)

  • English (Courses)

  • English as a Second Language (Courses)

  • Fine Arts (AFA)

  • French (Courses)

  • German (Courses)

  • History (Courses)

  • Humanities (Courses)

  • Italian (Courses)

  • Music (Certificates, Courses)

  • Philosophy (Courses)

  • Sound Recording Technology (Certificate, AAS, Courses)

  • Spanish (Courses)

  • Theatre (AA, Courses)

  • World Languages (Courses)

Faculty - Art and Design

James Nissen
734-462-4400 x5719

Sarah Olson
734-462-4400 x5221

Faculty - ​Communication Arts

JuJuan C. Taylor
734-462-4400 x5261

Faculty - English

Omar Addi
734-462-4400 x5293

Steven Berg
734-462-4400 x 5803

Sumita Chaudhery
734-462-4400 x5295

Helen Ditouras
734-462-4400 x5647

Steven Dolgin
734-462-4400 x5262

Mark Harris
734-462-4400 x5291

Archana Maheshwar
734-462-4400 x5296

Elizabeth Rybicka

Ida Simmons-Short
734-462-4400 x5288

Faculty - Foreign Languages

Andrea Nofz
734-462-4400 x5285

Anita Suess Kaushik
French, German, Italian
734-462-4400 x5668

Faculty - History

Steven Berg
734-462-4400 x5803

Kimberly Dyer
734-462-4400 x5280

Kent Kilpatrick
734-462-4400 x5754

Alexander Thomson
734-462-4400 x5294

Faculty - Humanities

James Nissen
734-462-4400 x5719

Faculty - Music

James Nissen
734-462-4400 x5719

Barton Polot
734-462-4400 x5217

Faculty - Philosophy

Mark Huston
734-762-4400 x5673


Faculty - Theatre

James R. Hartman
734-462-4400 x5270

Faculty - Broadcast Communications

Contact the Associate Dean of Occupational Programs

Faculty - Computer Graphics Technology

Colleen M. Case
734-462-4400 x5219

Michael Mehall
734-462-4400 x5705

Stephen Wroble
734-462-4400 x5635

Faculty - ​Sound Recording Technology

Todd Sager
734-462-4400 x5659

Faculty - English as a Second Language

Christa Fichtenberg
734-462-4400 x5522

Instructional Administrators

Cheryl D. Hawkins
Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
734-462-4400 x5336

Robert J. Leadley
Dean of Occupational Programs and Economic Development

Amy M. Jones
Associate Dean of Occupational Programs

Deborah B. Daiek
Dean of Education Programs and Learning Support

Dennis Genig
Associate Dean of Education Programs

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