Business and Information Technology

Whether you want to work at a large corporation, a small business or become an entrepreneur, taking courses and earning a degree in one of the Business and Information Technology programs at Schoolcraft gives you the educational background needed to launch your career or prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree. All courses are not offered each semester. Please work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for you. Students who complete all required courses can earn the associate degree or certificate noted in the following Areas of Study descriptions.

Areas of Study 201​7-1​8

  • Accounting (Skills Certificate,Certificate, AAS, Courses)

  • Business (Skills Certificate, Certificate, AAS's, ABA, Courses)

  • Business Administration (Degree)

  • Business Information Technology (Certificate, AAS, Courses)

  • Computer Information Systems (Skills Certificate, Certificates, AAS's, Post Associate Certificate, Courses)

  • Computer Service (Certificate, Courses)

  • Cosmetology Management (AAS)

  • Economics (Courses)

  • Finance (Courses)

  • Office Information Systems (Skills Certificate, Certificate, AAS, Courses)

Faculty - Accounting

LaVonda Ramey
734-462-4400 x5122

Michelle Randall
734-462-4400 x5126

Faculty - Business

Janice Feldbauer
734-462-4400 x5747

Gerard J. Mellnick
734-462-4400 x5899

Susan Ontko
734-462-4400 x5120

Faculty - Business Information Technology

Contact the Associate Dean of Occupational Programs

Faculty - Computer Information Systems

Timothy S. Baron
734-462-4400 x5137

Timothy Ellis
734-462-4400 x5579

William Schlick
734-462-4400 x5578

Faculty - Cosmetology Management

Contact the Associate Dean of Occupational Programs

Faculty - Office Information Systems

Timothy Ellis
734-462-4400 x5579

Faculty - Economics

Frederick Galperin
734-462-4400 x5163

Cedric Howie
734-462-4400 x5133

Instructional Administrators

Cheryl D. Hawkins
Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
734-462-4400 x5336

Charles Hayes
Associate Dean of Sciences
734-462-4400 x5650

Robert J. Leadley
Dean of Occupational Programs and Economic Development

Amy M. Jones
Associate Dean of Occupational Programs


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