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Physician Office Medical Transcription Skills Certificate 201​7-1​8

​Physician Office Medical Transcription 

​Physician Office Medical Transcription ​
Skills Certificate

Schoolcraft program code # ​CRT.00330

The physician office medical transcription certificate prepares the student for employment as a transcriptionist with job opportunities in a medical office, clinic, or physician office. The physician office transcriptionist is responsible for typing medical letters, chart notes, consultations, history, physicals, discharge notes, and initial office evaluations.

All courses are not offered each semester. Students should work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students who satisfactorily complete the program requirements qualify for a certificate of program completion. All program required courses must have been completed with a grade of 2.0 or better. 

First Year - Fall Semester
BIOL 105*
Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
HIT 104*
Medical Terminology
OIS 100
Keyboarding 1

Total Credits: 10

First Year - Winter Semester
HIT 114*
Pharmacology for Health Professionals
MA 140*
Medical Office Procedures
MT 108
Physician Office Transcription

Total Credits: 7

Program Total 17 Credits

* Courses apply to the medical assisting program.

 All courses may be applied toward the associate in general studies degree.


Job Outlook

National Median Salaries for Medical Assisting Positions

  • Medical Asst: $29,370
  • Medical Biller/Receptionist: $31,350
  • Phlebotomist: $29,730

Unless otherwise specified, salary data is sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, or Career Cruising, an online resource available through our Career Services office ( services). Earnings may vary based on experience, education and location.

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