Manufacturing and Technology

CAD: Mechanical AAS Degree 201​7-1​8

Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CAD)

CAD: Mechanical AAS Degree

Schoolcraft program code # AAS.00170

Technology improvements have moved the world of design from the drafting arena to the data management and design world. The designer now must produce multiple design proposals through a process which includes modeling, simulation, performance analysis and free form fabrication. Product life cycle management concepts are ingrained into this program addressing the management of all data related to the design, production and support of manufactured goods.

All courses are not offered each semester. Students should work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students who satisfactorily complete all college and program requirements qualify for an associate in applied science degree.


First Year - Fall Semester
CAD 103 Engineering Graphics
ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering and Technology 3
MET 103 Introduction to Materials Science
MATH 113*** Intermediate Algebra for College Students 4
    COMA 103
Select General Education Humanities course(s) 
Fundamentals of Speech (recommended)

Total Credits: 14-17

First Year - Winter Semester
CAD 106 Advanced Drawing Views and Descriptive Geometry 4
MFG 105 Manufacturing Processes 4
CAD 211 CATIA-Level 1 4
CAD 221 SolidWorks-Level 1 4

Total Credits: 16

First Year - Spring/Summer Session
MATH 119 Trigonometry 
    ENG 100
    ENG 101
Select one
Communication Skills
English Composition 1


Total Credits: 6

Second Year - Fall Semester
DSGN 180 Machine Elements and Design 
ENG 116 Technical Writing
MFG 102 Basic Machining Processes
CAD 107 Detailing

Total Credits: 14

Second Year - Winter Semester
DSGN 250 Tool, Die, and Fixture Design 
    DSGN 280
    CAD 290
Select one
Capstone Project
Computer Aided Design Internship 

PHYS 123 Applied Physics
Social Science
    PSYCH 153
Select General Education Social Science course(s) 
Human Relations (recommended)

Total Credits: 15-17

Program Total 65-70 Credits

View a complete list of courses in the ​Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) discipline.

*MATH 113 may be waived if student has successfully completed high school Algebra II or based on student’s placement test score.

Students planning to transfer should check the transfer institution’s requirements/guides or discuss their options with a counselor or advisor. Number of credits may vary depending on the course selection.

Schoolcraft Degree AAS - Associate in Applied Science
Another program code may be specified for specific programs, such as those used for Accounting through Welding.
Description By obtaining an associate in applied science (AAS) degree, students will be prepared to seek employment in their chosen field. To explore transferability options, it is recommended that students meet with a counselor or academic advisor.
Degree Focus Occupational (Transfer possible through articulation): Completion of a specified set of occupational courses that satisfy the development of occupational skills, as well as a broad distribution of liberal arts courses used to achieve a general education.
English Communication Minimum 6 credit hours.
Completion of a minimum of two English communication courses within a set of courses.
ENG 101 and ENG 102* or ENG 102 and ENG 221* or
ENG 102 and COMA 103* or ENG 221 and COMA 103*
ENG 100X and ENG 106X or ENG 100X and ENG 116X or
ENG 101 and ENG 106X or ENG 101 and ENG 107X or
ENG 101 and ENG 116X
Humanities* Minimum 1 credit hour.
Completion of a minimum of one humanities course.
Art, Communication Arts, English (Literature), Foreign Language, History+, Humanities, Music, Philosophy or Theatre
Mathematics Minimum 3 credit hours.
Completion of a minimum of one mathematics course.
Natural Sciences Minimum 3 credit hours.
Completion of a minimum of one natural science course.
Biology, Chemistry, Geography+, Geology, Nutrition or Physics
Social Sciences* Minimum 3 credit hours.
Completion of a minimum of one social science course.
Anthropology, Geography+, History+, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
Major Area of Study Minimum 16-44 credit hours in a major concentration area which are identified and listed in the program requirements which are specific or supportive of the occupational goals.
General Electives Completion of a range of occupational or liberal arts courses that support the development of occupational skills or Schoolcraft College (SC) General Education requirements.
Course Level All courses that apply to this degree must be at the 100-through 400-level with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
Credit Requirement Minimum 60 credit hours.
Institutional Requirements Completion of all Schoolcraft College Core Abilities and a minimum of 16 credit hour associate-level Schoolcraft College General Education requirements in English, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences.
The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) may be used to fulfill the Schoolcraft College General Education requirements.
PLEASE NOTE: Students may not use the same History course to satisfy both the humanities and social sciences distribution area. Additionally, students may not use COMA 103* to satisfy both the humanities and English communications distribution area.
Only certain Geography courses can be used for a natural science or social science course.
Types of Courses There are three (3) types of courses that may be used toward fulfilling associate degrees at Schoolcraft College:
  1. Liberal ArtsL courses will typically transfer to another institution. They provide general knowledge and theory in the arts, language and communication, humanities, natural sciences, math and social sciences.
  2. Schoolcraft-only General Education courses are a set of Liberal Arts courses which provide general knowledge and application opportunities. Courses may or may not transfer to another institution.
  3. Occupational courses (BOLD) have a direct career relationship and focus on developing necessary knowledge and skills to enter the work force within the chosen field of study.
    Courses may or may not transfer to another institution. No SC occupational courses may be used toward SC General Education or to meet the requirements for MTA.
Courses that may transfer or be used toward fulfilling the requirements of general education at Schoolcraft College may be found on Schoolcraft College’s General Education and Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) list. While applied or occupational courses provide immediate skill-building opportunities, their transferability and value should be discussed with a counselor or academic advisor.
Key ITALICIZED text = Courses that may only be used to satisfy Schoolcraft General Education requirements, but do not qualify to meet MTA requirements.
Non-ITALICIZED text = Every non-italicized course on this list may be used to satisfy the requirements of MTA.
* = Only these courses or combination of courses may be used to satisfy the final requirement for MTA Mathematics or English Communications.
Superscript L = Lab Science
Subscript X = Schoolcraft-only General Education. (Courses may or may not transfer to another institution.)
Superscript + = Students may not use the same History course to satisfy both the humanities and social sciences or COMA 103* to satisfy both humanities and English communications. Only certain Geography courses can be used for a natural science or social science course.
BOLD = Occupational Courses

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Learn Real-World Skills to Give You an Advantage in this Exciting Field

Certificate and Degree Options

  • Certificate
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree

What can I earn?*

  • Drafter
  • Tool and Die Maker/ Designer
  • Mechanical Engineer

*Median salary according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics

What You Will Learn

Using CAD software, students will learn to create, modify, analyze or optimize industrial/manufacturing designs.

Educational Options

CAD: Drafting Technical Certificate

The certificate program prepares students for employment as a CAD drafter or detailer.

CAD: Mechanical AAS Degree

The AAS degree program focuses on design and project management in the CAD environment, including design, production and support of manufactured goods. Students in the certificate program can transfer into the AAS degree program at any time.

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