Natural Sciences

Nutrition and Food Science 201​7-1​8

Non Certificate/Degree Area of Study

Nutrition and Food Science

Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) is the multidisciplinary study of the chemical and microbiological attributes of food, coupled with the investigation of the metabolic and physiological response of the body to food. NFS focuses on such areas as food sustainability, development of therapeutic meal plans, analysis of specialized diets, and understanding nutritional requirements for each phase of a person’s lifecycle.  NFS is the focal point of the Culinary and Dietary Operations Management Bachelor of Science Degree, and is useful for students interested in working in the food service, health care, or dietary management fields. Courses include:

  • Evolution of Dietary Needs Throughout the Lifecycle
  • Introduction to Specialized Diets
  • Ensuring a Sustainable Food Supply
  • Exploring Specialized Diets
  • Clinical Nutrition

In addition, a Clinical Nutrition internship course and a Culinary and Dietary Operations capstone course are required for the Culinary and Dietary Operations Management Bachelor of Science Degree.  These experiential courses provide students with real-world experience in the development of diet plans and nutritional menus based on understanding of human physiology and the dietary needs and restrictions of consumers.

There is currently no certificate or degree program offered in ​Nutrition and Food Science. Some or all of the courses listed below may be required/recommended or applied toward a certificate or degree program in another area of study. These courses may also be taken for personal or professional interest or for transfer to a four-year college or university. 

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