Social Sciences

Courses dealing with various aspects of the social sciences help students learn more about society and the way humans interact with each other and provide a solid foundation for a wide variety of careers, including social work, business management, forensics, law, psychology and education. Through student clubs and activities, service learning, internships and class projects, Schoolcraft students also get the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in the real world.

Areas of Study 2017-1​8

  • Anthropology (Courses)

  • Political Science (Courses)

  • P​sychology (Courses)

  • Sociology (Courses)

Faculty - Anthropology

Josselyn Moore
734-462-4400 x5271

Faculty - Political Science

Kent Kirkpatrick
734-462-4400 x5754

Faculty - Sociology

Josselyn Moore
734-462-4400 x5271

Karen Schaumann
734-462-4400 x5804

Faculty - Psychology

Deborah Burke
734-462-4400 x5107

Lisa Jackson
734-462-4400 x5158

Colleen Pilgrim
734-462-4400 x5286

Instructional Administrators

Cheryl D. Hawkins
Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
734-462-4400 x5804

Charles R. Hayes
Associate Dean of Sciences
734-462-4400 x5650


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