Schoolcraft College Announces Three New Credit Programs for Fall 2014

Published Aug 08, 2014

New Programs and Courses     When the Fall 2014 semester starts Mon., Aug. 25, Schoolcraft College will be offering a new skills certificate in plastic technology, a new degree in education, and new credit courses in English as a Second Language. 
     The Plastic Technology Skills Certificate will expose students to plastic materials, processes, equipment and quality systems and safety. Today’s plastics professionals not only need to know the fundamentals of production, they must be able to think critically, solve problems and have a thorough understanding of the technology they can use to produce products efficiently and with the highest quality. Skills certificates generally only requires two semesters of study. 
     With the Associate Degree for Education program future teachers have two options for obtaining the knowledge, skills and credential they need to pursue a career in elementary or secondary education. The Teacher Education Transfer associate degree includes specialized courses in teaching and learning that transfer to select universities offering teacher education bachelor’s degree programs. The Liberal Arts associate degree can be transferred to a teacher education bachelor’s degree program. 
      In the new array of English as a Second Language courses students will develop strong communication skills in the English language; speaking, listening, reading, and writing in preparation for further higher education opportunities or to enhance professional career goals.

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