Schoolcraft College Expands English as a Second Language Offerings

Published Dec 07, 2016

English as Second Language (ESL) Program at Schoolcraft College Grows for Both Credit Students and Area Families as International Community Continues to Expand in Western Wayne County

Back in 1997, Schoolcraft College had only 13 international students studying on its Livonia campus.  Today, the number of international students taking credit courses at Schoolcraft has grown to more than 100.  In addition, the international community in Southeast Michigan continues to expand, creating a need to assist those who don’t use English as their primary language who are seeking programs to help them in their college studies or to improve their activities for daily life.  

As a result, Schoolcraft College has greatly expanded its English as a Second Language (ESL) programs both for traditional credit-seeking students and those in the community.  The college’s English as a Second Language program for students prepares them for study in American college settings and also teaches the international student about American culture and the English language for daily living and communication with native speakers.  It focuses on English and vocabulary development; academic writing; speaking and listening skills; reading and grammar for college level courses; and test preparation and note-taking skills.  

In addition to courses for credit students, Schoolcraft College’s Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) offers a number of courses for members of the community who are not college students but need to improve their English language skills to be able to communicate more effectively in their daily lives.  

“We have seen the number of registrations in our non-credit ESL classes grow to 568 in 2016, up more than 100 from last year,” said Leslie Petty, the associate dean for CEPD.  “Most of those taking our classes need to improve their English skills for work, to help them communicate better with their children’s teachers and to be able to actively be engaged in their community.”

Petty said part of the growth is from spouses of people who come to work in the auto industry in Southeast Michigan from another country, along with a number of au pairs from other countries that work for area families to provide live-in child care. 

“In addition to the basic courses to help improve their reading and speaking abilities, we have also added some courses in conversational skills and book club discussions that are very popular,” Petty said.  

For more information about the ESL programs at Schoolcraft College visit or call 734-462-4426.

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