Travel-and-Learn Opportunities for Students

Published Feb 02, 2017

Prof. Anita Süess Kaushik (World Languages) is coleading a Discover Europe trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England on May 22-31. This will be the 10th such overseas study tour that Dr. Süess has led to Europe, with logistics handled by Explorica. For more information, see or e-mail

Prof. James Nissen (Humanities) is leading his HUM 203 class (Art and Music in Western Civilization: Field Study - Italy) on a 12-day trip to Italy in June, with visits to Venice, Ravenna, Florence, Assisi, Rome, and other sites. This will be the 18th such overseas study tour that Dr. Nissen has led to Europe. For more info, e-mail

Prof. Colleen Pilgrim (Psychology) works with the International Student Volunteers (ISV), which coordinate overseas volunteer and adventure travel opportunities for Schoolcraft and other students. ISV has volunteer opportunities in several different countries, in which participants carry out conservation and community development projects. For more info
see, and interested students should contact Dr. Pilgrim at

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