Fitness Center

Membership Events and Challenges

The Fitness Center offers its members a variety of events and challenges throughout the year.

Current Events

MI Fitness Destination - May 8-August 25

Grab a card to log your summer fitness activities and see how many of your favorite Michigan cities you can travel to by biking, running, walling, or hiking. All members who reach a city will have their name entered in a drawing to win the city themed prize. (*You can be entered to win at multiple cities.)

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On-Going Challenges

Strength and Condition Records

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Ready to set a strength or conditioning record? Compete against others and yourself. Go down in history at the Schoolcraft College Fitness Center!

See a Fitness Professional today to make your attempt to break a record.

Events include:

  • Bench Press-1 RM
  • Dead Lift-1 RM
  • Squat-1 RM
  • Mile Run
  • 4 Minute Row

Climb Mt Everest Challenge

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Everyone who climbs a total of 29,035 feet on the Jacobs Ladder will receive a cool free t-shirt from Jacobs Ladder, promoting Schoolcraft College.

Plus, Jacobs Ladder will congratulate you on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Previous Events

National Rec Day - Feb. 22, 2017

Join us on National Rec Day for fun and activities such as fitness quizzes, games, challenges, student groups, basketball games, and prizes.

Expresso Fall Frenzy Bike Challenge

Coming this fall!

April: Row Ride Run

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Test your fitness, endurance, and will with an indoor triathlon! See the Fitness Staff to record your times for each event. A staff member must be present at the start of each event. You are allowed two attempts.

Sprint Triathlon Distance Triathlon
April 3-7
1,000 meters on the Concept 2 Rower 2,000 meters on the Concept 2 Rower
April 10-14
2.9 miles on the Expresso Bike Lost Trail Course
(Challenge Name: Indoor Sprint Tri)
5 miles on the Expresso Bike Dragon Fire Course
(Challenge Name: Indoor Distance Tri)
April 17-21
1 mile on the Treadmill
(no incline/decline)
2 miles on the Treadmill
(no incline/decline)

After you complete at least 1 event, you will receive a Fitness Center Rally Towels. Awards will be given to the top participants in each event at the end of each week. Results updated daily with scores. Overall winners who complete all 3 events win an additional prize pack!

Mental Health Awareness Week - April 24-27

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Join us in the Schoolcraft College Fitness Center the last week of April to learn about the importance of mental health. Learn ways to cope with stress, signs of depression, how exercise can help relieve stress, and the resources that are always available to you.

Staff from counseling services will be on hand.


  • Signs/Symptoms of Stress & Depression
  • Exercise & Stress Reduction
  • Online Resources
  • Study Tips


  • Prizes for completing the stress less workout
  • Dumbbell & Sport Stress Balls