Membership Options

If you are a Credit Student:

  1. Your Membership is FREE!
  2. Bring a copy of your current semester schedule to the fitness center; fill out membership enrollment forms, get your picture taken, receive a check-in card key, get your questions answered and start working out!

If you are a Prospective Non Student Member:

  1. Come to our front desk (or call the center) to get all of your questions answered about membership categories, fees and to discuss any other questions you have about the facility.
  2. Take a tour of the Center.
  3. Decide on the membership payment option that works for you and fill out necessary enrollment forms.
  4. You're ready to work out! Welcome!

Please Note:
Pending PAR-Q (health questionnaire") approval, you may not be able to work out the day you enroll as a member of the Fitness Center. If you are required to obtain physician clearance for exercise (as determined by the Professional staff at the Center), you may not work out until we receive that clearance.

Categories and Fees

Student/Faculty/Staff Memberships


Active Credit Student**
“FREE” (if registered for the current semester; must show proof of current registration each semester) 
"Off-term" Schoolcraft Credit Student $15/month
Faculty- Actively Teaching FREE
Faculty- Not Actively Teaching $15/month
Schoolcraft Staff $15/month
Schoolcraft Faculty/Staff Spouse $15/month
Emeritus/Honoraire Faculty $15/month 
Active CEPD Student $20/month (if registered for the current semester; must show proof of current class registration)
Visiting Students   $20/per month
*Call the fitness center for details on payment options

Community Memberships


Community Member $25/month + 1-time $35 enrollment fee
Alumni Member $20/month
Active Military/Veterans $15/month

** Includes Schoolcraft campus-based Wayne State University students

Membership Amenities 

Open Lap Swim

Open Lap Swim is available Monday-Friday from 7-8am, 12-1pm, and on Tuesdays/Thursdays 4-5pm. Family Open Swim is offered on Sundays 12-4pm. Open Lap Swim is only available for members and guests 18 years of age and older.
Members must obtain a Pool Pass from the Fitness Center Front Desk in order to participate in Open Lap Swim. This pass must be presented to the Lifeguard in order to obtain access to the pool.
Please refer to the PE Building Usage Guidelines below for scheduled closings of the pool and unavailable times.

Locker Room, Sauna, and Towel Services

Locker rooms are available for members of the Fitness Center within the Physical Education building. The Men and Women's locker rooms have a dry sauna available for use during the week. Towels are also available and may be checked out at the PE Equipment Room.

Racquetball/Wallyball Court Rentals

90-minute court rentals are available for $5 per person. You do not need to be a member of the Fitness Center to purchase a court rental, the fee is $5 for all players, regardless of membership status.
Credit students and active Faculty members are free.

Guest Pass

Not ready to commit to a membership yet? Or have a family or friend visiting? Try out the Fitness Center for $5. Anyone can purchase a one time pass to use the Center. Must show I.D. and fill out a health history form. Please call or stop by the Fitness Center for more details.