SC Student Perspectives

Ashley C.

“I love all the people I’ve met and they have been so critical in building a successful future.”
Ashley C, Health Transfer

Albert B.

“Go to Student Activities, there is a lot happening there.”
Albert B., Liberal Arts Transfer, Art and Foreign Language

Sitirios P.

“Schoolcraft builds a great foundation, and the instructors won't accept anything less than your best.”
Sotirios P., Welding Fabrication

Taylor S.

“Thanks to Schoolcraft I feel prepared and ready for the next steps in my education and career.”
Taylor S., Business

Kisha T.

“You can start really easily (at Schoolcraft) with a certificate program on the way to an associate degree.”
Kisha T., Accounting

Melina C.

“You'll not only learn about the material taught in class, but you'll learn more about yourself.”
Melina C., Sound Recording Technology

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