In-Service Training

Exceeding Expectations

fire-training-in-service-trainingSchoolcraft College strives to offer the most current and effective up-to-date training available, yet keeping your budget constraints in mind. In addition to mandated training, we continue to seek new courses in response to today's multi-faced demands. In doing so, we try to stay consistent with the ever changing trends in the fire community and the training needed to keep fire fighters current.

In-Service Training

Fire training has often been cited as one of the most important responsibilities in any fire agency. In turn, we have developed a comprehensive program to provide quality fire training in a cooperative, efficient and effective manner through proper utilization of modern technology and coordination of our facility.

Our fire training institute serves four basic objectives.

  • Well-trained personnel are better prepared to act decisively and correctly.
  • Training results in greater productivity and effectiveness.
  • Training cultivates cooperation and unity of purpose.
  • Provides safeguards for being legally accountable for actions of personnel.

The Schoolcraft College fire training institute program provides these objectives with quality, up-to-date training.

Courses Offered

Special Topics

  • Driver’s Training
  • Fire Pump Operator
  • Fire Pump Operator Refresher (1-day)
  • Elevator Training

Inspector Series

  • NFPA Inspector I
  • NFPA Plans Examiner
  • NFPA Inspector II

Company Officer "Prep" Courses

  • Incident Command and Resource Management for the Fire Service
  • Preparation for Initial Company Operations
  • Decision Making Initial Company Operations
  • Strategy Tactics Initial Company Operations
  • Incident Safety Officer
  • Education Methodology

Company Officer I and II

  • Program Requirements of NFPA 1021

Fire Officer III

  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Leadership I
  • Leadership II
  • Leadership III