Academic Success Coaches

An Academic Success Coach is a Learning Support staff member who assists students in achieving their academic potential.

Sherrye Bailey, MAed

Garden City Radcliff Center
P: (734) 462-4759

  • Testing Coordinator
  • Tutor Coordinator
  • Writing Specialist

Assists with:

  • Study skills strategies
  • Test taking strategies
  • Learning styles
  • Vocabulary development

Stephanie Reynolds, BA

Livonia Campus
P: (734) 462-7612

  • Writing Support Studio Coordinator
  • Writing Specialist
Assists with:
  • Writing Process
  • Research Strategies
  • Project Development
  • Time and Stress Management

Dr. Carmen Wilson

Livonia Campus
P: (734) 462-7670

  • Learning Specialist

Assists with:

  • Study Skills
  • Test-taking, TEAS, vocabulary support
  • College reading and learning strategies

Hollie Reynolds, B.A.

Livonia Campus
P: (734) 462-7359

  • International Learning Support Coordinator

Assists with:

  • ELL reading and writing strategies
  • International student affairs
  • Language acquisition and conversation skills