International Student Support

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes 

We provide classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) through our non-credit Continuing Education and Professional Development department and through our credit academics.

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International Student Relations Seminars

The International Student Relations, ISR, provides a forum for International and American students to interact and learn about one another, to celebrate diversity as we learn about each other's culture and to celebrate unity as we build bonds through friendships.

The ISR hosts meetings each month on the Livonia campus featuring conversation on global topics, cultural events and games... always including a time for laughter, friendship building, and of course, food. This semester, our first meeting was attended by over 50 International students and we had a great time. Meetings last approximately one hour.

The ISR has provided the foundation for new relationships and a place for new Schoolcraft students to feel comfortable and welcome. We would love to see YOU there!

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