Overload/Late Entry Registration

Schedule adjustment will take place during the week that classes begin. See the important academic dates for registration and class start/end dates, adjustment periods, deadlines for refunds/W grades, etc. Overload and late registration are sometimes requested by students who wish to enter a class that is full (overload) or join a class that has already started meeting (late entry).


Students who want to try and overload into a full class can attempt to do so from the time the class starts through the end of the schedule adjustment period. Students must obtain written approval from the instructor to overload. Not all instructors accept overloads.

Late Entry

Students wishing to enter a class after it has met for the first time need written approval from the instructor, even if seats are available. Not all instructors accept late entry. OE/OE courses cannot be added after the last day for OE/OE registration.

Students cannot use WebAdvisor to register once the course is full or has already met for the first time.

How to get overload/late entry consent

  1. Contact the instructor (contact information is available in the Faculty and Staff Directory). Please contact the instructor only during the times which do not interfere with classroom instruction.
  2. Obtain consent from the instructor in one of the two ways:
    1. Get an overload/late entry form from the Registration Center and have your instructor sign it.
    2. Instructors can email you directly or email us at registration@schoolcraft.edu. Emails must come from the instructor’s Schoolcraft email account. Emails need to include student name, ID number, course name/number, section number, term and statement of consent.
  3. Register for your class(es) by bringing a copy of the consent to the Registration Center. Students who have not used waitlisting, or who are overloading, need to bring the instructor consent within two business days of receipt. Consents expire after two business days and will not be honored.
    1. Payment is due within 3 business days of when you register.
    2. Students enrolling from the waitlist once the class starts must obtain instructor consent and visit the Registration Center during normal business hours BEFORE the deadline in your waitlist email. If you are unable to register in person BEFORE the deadline, call our Registration Office for additional assistance.