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Onsite Bachelor's Degree

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Onsite ​Degree Completion Opportunities

Schoolcraft College has partnered with several four year colleges and universities to bring the bachelor degree to you!

Davenport University

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (VisTaTech)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing (VisTaTech)
  • Bachelor of Science in Heath Information Management (Radcliff Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Case Management (Radcliff Campus)

Ferris State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (VisTaTech)

Northwood University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (VisTaTech)

Schoolcraft College

Wayne State University (all at Jeffress Center)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Management
  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Science (some coursework at WSU main campus required)
  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Technology
  • Bachelor of Science – Electronic Transportation Technology
  • Bachelor of Science - Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Science - Electromechanical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Social Work

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