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There are three ways you can transfer ​in​ credits:

1. Have you taken courses at another college?

Schoolcraft evaluates previously earned college credit based on course name, course description, course level and grade. Standard rules for accepting previously earned college credit are:

  • Earned grade of 2.0 or better (unless major/program require a different grade)
  • Course level of 100 or higher
  • Course is directly aligned with a Schoolcraft course
  • Course is applicable to your Schoolcraft major
  • College attend is regionally accredited

Transfer Equivalency Credit

2. Have you successfully passed an Advanced Placement or CLEP exam?

See how your exams transfer in as college credit!

Transfer Equivalency Credit

3. Did you take a career or technical course at your high school?

Schoolcraft has created agreements with high schools for career and technical courses and aligned them with Schoolcraft College courses. Students request their high school or CTC to submit the "SC Passport" to the Schoolcraft College Records Office in order to receive college level credit.

  • High School Articulation Agreements

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