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Transfer Your Schoolcraft Credits to Another College or University

Many students come to Schoolcraft College to complete the first two years of college coursework before transferring to a four-year institution. We have teamed with nearly all of the private and public institutions in Michigan and created several different tools to make transferring much easier.

Learn More About Your Options for Transfer

Individual Courses

Colleges provide transfer guides for many of their popular majors. Use the college's equivalency table if your major is not listed.

Most transfer guides include general education, pre-major and elective courses. Work with your academic advisor or counselor to create a degree and transfer plan.

Transfer Guides

Michigan Transfer Agreement

The MTA is a selection of general education courses that are intended to transfer out to a university and satisfy all the lower level general education requirements at the university. Some stipulations will apply so work with your academic advisor or counselor to select the right courses.

Michigan Transfer Agreement

Associate's Degrees

Complete the first 60 credits of your college courses here before transferring and earn an Associate's Degree from Schoolcraft College.

Associate Degrees

Articulation Agreements

Some universities allow you to take additional credits at Schoolcraft beyond your Associate's Degree. This is a special agreement called an articulation agreement.

Articulation Agreements

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