Dr. Glenn Cerny, President

President Dr. Glenn CernyDr. Glenn Cerny, MBA, Ed.D., has been President since August of 2020. He previously served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In that role, he and his team were responsible for Schoolcraft College’s $90 million budget. 

Dr. Cerny has served in leadership and teaching roles in higher education for more than 30 years. His career has focused on serving community colleges and supporting the mission of these essential institutions as they help students of all backgrounds access high-quality education as a means of advancement and a bridge to professional success.

In his role as CFO, Dr. Cerny also established and led the College’s six supporting 501(c)(3)(4) organizations. In addition to identifying and generating significant sources of new revenue for student and faculty support through innovative programs and partnerships, Dr. Cerny has been a champion of establishing enduring and mutually beneficial relationships for the College with Michigan businesses. 

These partnerships provide practical learning opportunities for Schoolcraft’s students and valuable services and facilities to the College’s many stakeholders on campus and in the surrounding community. As an influential voice in Michigan community college education, Dr. Cerny has worked collaboratively with elected officials, community leaders, and the media to advocate on behalf of Schoolcraft College as well as the many other community colleges in the State of Michigan. 

Having started his career advising colleges, universities, and hospitals at Arthur Anderson & Co. in Detroit, Dr. Cerny soon focused his career on institutional leadership in higher education. He progressed through a variety of administrative and leadership roles at the University of Michigan, Lansing Community College, Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah, North Central Michigan College, and ultimately Schoolcraft College. In addition to the time he has devoted to leadership roles in higher education, Dr. Cerny enjoyed teaching courses in managerial finance, advanced accounting, statistics, and organizational behavior as an adjunct faculty member. 

Dr. Cerny earned a BBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Michigan, an MBA in Finance and Strategic Planning from Eastern Michigan University, and an Ed.D. in Community College Leadership from Ferris State University. In addition to his leadership roles at Schoolcraft College, Dr. Cerny has been Secretary and now Treasurer of the Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority and also Treasurer of the Michigan International Technology Center Redevelopment Authority. Before coming to Schoolcraft College in 2010, Dr. Cerny worked for North Central Michigan College, Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Lansing Community College and the University of Michigan.